Review of the Colmi V11 model

The Colmi V11 model is the first model we ever ordered from Colmi. Not expecting anything, just simply curious about what is the hype about smartwatches. One of us already had a smartwatch from a different brand, so I have decided to give them a go. I am not a huge fan of wearing a watch anyway, but I thought I will give it a try. I am also an active person going to the gym, working as a part-time barista so the thing that I was first most interested in was the step counter.

Colmi V11 model

The technical features of the Colmi V11 model

The first I am going to talk about the step counter. It tracks pretty accurately and I was nicely surprised that on most days I do more than 10 000 steps. A win for me! It linked to my phone no problem and the watch also receives notifications so I knew when I got an email or a Facebook message. I am not too worried about my heart rate, but the feature works really well as well and I had no issues with it whatsoever.

Now, the sleep monitor. I tried sleeping with the Colmi V11 once and let me tell you, that was a bad night for me. But, I do not blame the quality of the watch at all. I am just not used to sleeping with a watch and the display kept turning on, which caused me to wake up many times.

Colmi V11 model

You can set your location in the app on your phone and then it shows you the weather on your watch which is great! I did not have to even open my phone, just looked at my watch and knew what jacket I need that morning. Another good thing is the waterproof feature. I would want to try swimming with the watch, but I showered with it a few times and it still works without a problem.

With the activity tracking, I only go to the gym to lift weights. I do not do any running or cycling and unfortunately, the Colmi V11 does not track resistance training. It is a shame, but I am not too worried about how many calories I have burnt during my workout.

Fun features of the Colmi V11 model 

What I found was super fun on this smartwatch, is that you can change the watch face. And you can put anything you want on there, your face, your pet’s photo, favourite destination, anything! There is also an option to set a reminder for you to start moving, which I find really fun. I don’t sit a lot as I said, I am a very active individual. However, now in these current times, where we are staying home, it would probably shout at me every five minutes to get up and start moving.

Another great feature is taking photos. Are you a selfie fan? Great! Just set up your phone in the angle you want, get ready in your pose and simply just press a button on your smartwatch and your phone will capture the photo. How great is that?

Overall, the smartwatch is very comfortable to wear and sometimes I wear them just because it goes with my outfit. I have the full black model and I love the sleek look of it. And I am not a big fan of the square watches, which is why I love the Colmi V11 model. I am very happy with the watch, it does what it says and after the self-isolation is over, I will continue to wear them on a daily basis.

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