Lige Smartwatch Review

Lige Smartwatch Review | Why is this watch so popular?

There is nothing like the LIGE Smartwatch for your fitness tracking and fashion needs. The LIGE smartwatch comes with a water-resistant technology, the latest design, multi-functional features and tons of exclusive features at just a fraction of the price. For those who have not heard of the LIGE brand, they are a rather reputable Chinese watchmaker that traditionally dealt with mechanical watches which are very popular in the UK and the US. So, are their smartwatches any good? Read on this Lige Smartwatch Review to find out!

A smartwatch nowadays comes with a touchscreen interface. The gadget comes with the option to connect it with your smartphone through an app for better management. Among the successful smartwatches available in the market, the LIGE smartwatch meets the quality benchmark within a low budget.

First impressions

A box! It’s not much, but at least there’s some form of protection for the watch itself. Nothing exciting here though, just a piece of foam inside to prevent the watch from being crushed during transport. Otherwise, nice and minimalistic design.

What is inside?

  • The smartwatch itself.
  • USB charging cable.
  • Instruction manual.


The 2021 LIGE smartwatch has a very clean and subtle design. Nothing fanciful, nothing that sticks out like a sore thumb. We are pleasantly surprised with the screen, and this screen is bright enough even outdoors (just don’t put this against a full afternoon sun).

The watch only has one button on the right side, used as both the “on/off” and “home” buttons. The rear side has nothing too fanciful either, just the heart rate sensor and charging port.


Now, LIGE offers a few variations to the straps. I chose the silicon straps because I jog very often, mesh and bracelet are going to be destroyed in no time from the sweat. Nothing to complain about the quality, it’s soft and has no sharp edges. Either way, the straps are fully replaceable. You can use any 20mm strap and it will fit, so feel free to change it whenever you want.


The watch, considering the price, is fairly accurate. We did a test!

  • My resting HBR is usually around 60+, watch registered an average of 64.
  • After a quick warm-up, shoots up to around 90.
  • As we are running, goes up to 150-160.

Pretty accurate, just don’t expect 100% ECG kind of accuracy.


The battery life is very commendable, a full charge will easily last for days; This watch only needs to be charged once every week. So, overall pretty good.

Technical Specifications

CPU: DA14683. For you techies, here is the tech sheet. Basically a low-powered ARM Cortex M0 core.
Display: 1.75″ IPS, 240 DPI
Battery: 200 mAH
Dimensions: 250 X 45.5 X 10.8 mm
Weight: 35g
Battery Life: 5-7 days
Compatibility: iOS 8.2+, Android 4.4+

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