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Zeblaze GTS Smartwatch REVIEW – Worth the money?

We are bringing you another smartwatch with a Bluetooth Call Function. The Zeblaze GTS is Zeblaze’s first smartwatch that supports Bluetooth calls – that means you can receive or make a phone call on the watch. It is equipped with a larger screen and can set more than 60 dials3 colour straps to define your uniqueness. Heart rateblood pressureblood oxygenstepsmileagecalories, everything you want to know, this watch can tell you. Zeblaze GTS has also got better battery life and faster CPU!

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But is it really worth the money?

Zeblaze is a company with a long story in the market of smart wearables and is no stranger to budget but good quality wearable devices. The company’s latest offer under its affordable smartwatch category is the Zeblaze GTS.

The Zeblaze GTS is a sleek, well-designed smartwatch that comes with a whole set of health/fitness tracking features. However, the great icing on the cake of this device is the fact that it has a built-in speaker. For starters, you can use it to perform phone calls straight from your smartwatch. The device also comes with a lot of relevant features that make it a decent deal for its price.


The Zeblaze GTS comes in a simple and quite small black box with the essentials inside. The retail package includes the smartwatch, the charger (clip), the manual, and the strap based in the colour of your choice.

The watch is lightweight only 38g, and with acceptable manufacturing quality for a plastic body with black color and you can change only the colour of the strap with many distinctive colours to suit your taste.

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Speaking of the strap, yes, it is removable, comfortable, and light because it’s made of 20mm plastic and comes in four basic colors available in the store: Black, Blue, Grey, Purple and you are free to buy another from metal or leather.

The watch has a single button in the right side that serves to wake the screen, stop alarms and answer calls. On the rear, we can find the charging pins and the heart rate sensor. There is also a small cutout in the bottom left part, it’s the built-in speaker. It will reproduce the audio while you’re on a call.


The device comes with a 1.3-inch Touch-Screen with 240 x 240 of resolution. The touch response is fast and smooth and it’s easy to navigate through the software and the multiple functions. If you swipe to the right you’ll start to navigate through the health-features, if you swipe to left you’ll see an “app drawer” with icons. If you swipe down, you’ll get a smartphone-like drop-down menu where you can adjust the brightness, get a quick overview of the battery, weather.

And with a long press on the screen, you can get a list of only 5 watch faces. But what is interesting is that this number grows to 60+ when you pair the Zeblaze GTS with DaFit APP.

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Health Functions

Zeblaze GTS is the closest thing to a private health consultant, who can monitor and track your physical activity to check vital elements through heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring (SpO2), sleep monitoring, calories, etc.

It also comes with alarm devices that only work with vibration, effectively alerting the user in the event of significant changes and detecting them to avoid any sudden health problems.

In addition to that, you can get accurate information about your physical activity in an easy and organized way through the visual graphs created by the watch.

Regardless of the health features, the Zeblaze GTS smartwatch can track 8 sports activities such as walking, cycling, badminton, skipping, basketball, football, and swimming except that the watch is not completely waterproof, so, I would not recommend taking it to the pool.

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Connection and battery life

In terms of the smartphone app needed to sync your watch, Zeblaze recommends the DaFit application from Play Store or App Store. It’s really easy to set up the app correctly and once your pair your watch with the device it will get all the info from your smartwatch. Interestingly, it’s through the DaFit app that your watch will get some smart features like Weather Info, Alarms, and Notifications as well as the Phone Call feature. As aforementioned, a big part of watchfaces is downloaded to the watch through the DaFit app. You can determine your profile, gender, age, weight, and height and store important health data in the application. You can monitor your advancements while exercising with the watch.

The Zeblaze GTS does not come with the biggest battery available in the market. However, its 240mAh cell managed to provide me a couple of days of usage. In stand by, it lasted more than two weeks. You can easily adapt the battery to your usage, and it’s great to know that you won’t need to charge it every day. After all, we’re used to charging our smartphones, but this can be annoying with smartphones. Charging is done with a special charging cable that has attachable tweezers.

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