Zeblaze Stratos 2 Review

Zeblaze is one of the best producers of the original smartwatch and comes with a new upgrade from Stratos series. Have you been waiting for the perfect smartwatch with built-in GPS, durable design and ALWAYS ON AMOLED DISPLAY? You are in the right place! In this Zeblaze Stratos 2 Review we will guide you through all the features of this smartwatch:


Zeblaze Stratos 2 is considered to be sports smartwatch which has a casual, elegant and circular look with two buttons on the side. One is for the Sports modes and the other one for the menu. The body of the watch is slim and light, made of high-quality plastic with a 46mm large size and 13mm thickness. The watch is light, weighing no more than 50g which makes it comfortable on the wrist. The strap is silicone and lightweight for comfortable wearing. The strap is also removable so you can easily change for another 22mm strap. 

Built-in GPS

Unlike other budget smartwatches, the Zeblaze Stratos 2 has a built-in high-precision GPS Chip that allows you to track outdoor activities such as distance traveled, routes you take, and your location with accurate coordinates with the help of 4 different GPS systems 
GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/BEIDOU. The watch will automatically combine two high-precision satellites, thus it can improve the positioning speed and tracking accuracy while running. This is one of the biggest upgrades from a normal TFT panel to an AMOLED panel.
Zeblaze Stratos 2 Review

Health & Fitness Functions

The Stratos 2 Smartwatch is equipped with 120 sports modes to suit any of your needs, including Outdoor running, Treadmill, Outdoor Cycling, Indoor Cycling, Outdoor walking, Freestyle, Ping pong, Basketball, Football, Badminton, Cricket, Trail running, Climbing machine, Zumba, Elliptical machine, Pilates, Tennis, Yoga.

Training status is a new performance monitoring tool that automatically evaluates your recent exercise history and performance indicators to know if you’re training productively, peaking, or overreaching.

Apart from the sports features you can monitor your health as well with those main features: 

SpO2 Level Measurement – Blood Oxygen Measurement + Blood oxygen saturation (Sp02) level indicates the amount of oxygen in the blood. Get a SpO2 measurement anytime, anywhere for peace of mind.

24h Real-time Heart Rate Monitoring – The advanced heart rate sensor monitors heart rate accurately in real-time when you are active or at rest. Heart rate changes can also be logged on a weekly graph and sent an alert to detect any unusual heart rate changes.

Daily data tracking – Zeblaze Stratos 2 tracks steps, calories burned, effective standing, and more while you get out and about.

Sleep score & analysis -Tracks your sleep 24 hours a day and provides detailed reports on your deep, light, and REM sleep stages to help you know what’s going on while you sleep.

Other features

Many watch faces

The watch has 3 different pre-installed watch faces. You can easily switch between them by pressing the Home Screen. There is also possibility to download more faces via InfoWear App. Thanks to this you can match your mood, outfit, and occasion with a wide selection of stylish watch faces. Keep your watch looking stunning and check the time anytime, with stylish Always-on Displays. You can also customise the watch face, upload your own photos as the watch face or just choose from variety of colours, analog, 3D, digital and retro watch faces.

Zeblaze Stratos 2 Review watch faces

Waterproof 5 ATM

And again great upgrade. The watch is waterproof which will escort you even underwater. You can put it on during the shower or in the pool and you can wear it when washing hands or on rainy days. Thanks to professional waterproofing that offers protection up to a depth of 50 meters, the watch is on par with traditional high-end watches and can be worn worry-free for daily use or when swimming. However, exposure to saltwater or hot water can damage it.

Make everything easier

Did you know you can check the weather, sync your mobile phone calendar to the watch? It is very easy and with the Zeblaze Stratos 2 you can make daily life more convenient. Also you can get notifications for received instant messages from Messenger, WhatsApp and other. 

Battery Life 

 Zeblaze Stratos 2 has excellent battery life thanks to the electronic components selection and power optimization technology. It is considered to be good battery in this category of the smartwatches. It gives you battery life up to 14 days of normal usage and 25 days in standby mode. However if you use GPS modes you can get just 10 hours. So it all depends on the type of activities which you do. Charging takes 1.5 hours. 

Compatible with the InfoWear App

The Zeblaze Stratos 2 is connected to the newly upgraded InfoWear app. This conducts a comprehensive analysis of multiple data sources to provide 24/7 management of body data. And helping the user check their physical condition at any time. Some main functions include health- and exercise-data display and analysis, along with smart device management.

Zeblaze Stratos 2 Smartwatch is compatible with the InfoWear app for Android and iOS to help you set up and use the watch more efficiently. You can download this app safely through the Google Play App or Apple App Store. 

After logging in to the app you can set the general information as gender, height, weight and age thanks to which it will make the correct measurements. Besides that you will get an information about steps taken, sleep hours, heart rate measurements and many other features without any additional equipment. All this is done by automatically integrating watch data on the home screen with the ability to view it on a daily or monthly basis.

Additionally you can set exercise goals which you encourage yourself to complete your exercise amount each day through a simple and easy-to-understand operating interface with sections like steps, distance, notifications, alarm and more. 

By reading this Zeblaze Stratos 2 review have you decided to get it? No? Then the price will definitely help you decide to get this amazing smartwatch!


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