tebarra p40 review

About Tebarra & the new Tebarra P40 Review

Tebarra is an affordable trendy brand that supplies high-tech products, such as smartwatches, and soon body scales, fitness bands and more. All of the products have been designed in the UK. Every product has been quality checked and they say that the client’s satisfaction is their top priority. To find out more about the best-selling model of 2022, read below the Tebarra P40 Review.


The brand’s mission is to supply quality fitness tech to the people who strive to improve their health, fitness and everyday life. To do this, they have adapted high-end technology to decrease the price for customers. They will continue to design and create smart products that are affordable to everyone.

Tebarra P40 Review

Meet the new Tebarra P40 Limited Edition!  Loaded with functions, such as Bluetooth CallAI Voice Assistant120 workout modes and so much more. You can also admire the exquisite craftsmanship of this fitness tracker along with the easy-to-use rotation button.
Let’s see what features this smartwatch offers us.


This smartwatch comes in a rectangular shape that looks stylish, and fashionable and fits women and men too! There is one button on the right side of the panel. On the reverse side of the device you can see magnetic contacts for charging and a heart rate sensor.

tebarra p40 review
The wearable is available in 4 colours, black, silver, gold and navy colour. The Tebarra P40 body is made out of metal while the strap is available in silicone or steel. Straps are available in different colour options with a quick-release pin feature for easy changing.
Regarding screen display, Tebarra P40 has a 1.81-inch IPS touch screen curved with 2.5D glass and created with a resolution of 240 x 286 pixels.

AI Voice Assistant

Simply just tap once to activate it and you can give it your commands. So now you can simply ask about the weather, listen to music or call someone.

tebarra p40 review

Making calls from your wrist

Do you need to call someone but you have your phone in the bag or your pocket and it’s hard to get it? No problem! With this amazing BT call function, you can make calls directly from your wrist. The built-in speaker and microphone will make your life easier and more convenient.

Real-time notifications

Thanks to them you will never miss any call. You can accept calls directly from your wrist or even reject them when it is not a good time and you are busy. And it is not everything. You can see your messages from WhatsApp or Messenger at any point (supports more apps).

It even cares about your health

It measures your heart rate all day long thanks to the advanced intelligent algorithm combined with the true heart rate sensor. You can check all the data in your watch. Regarding its health sensors, it uses red light to detect blood-oxygen levels.

You can even track your sleep score and improve your sleep by keeping an eye on it. Your sleep will be tracked automatically. Thanks to this feature you will have sweet dreams every night but do not forget to turn off the notifications before sleep and enjoy interrupted sleep.

IP67 Water-resistant

Wear your watch worry-free. The IP67 rating allows you to use your watch on a daily basis. It will withstand washing hands and the dishes, light rain or sweat. (Do not use for swimming, hot baths or showers).

120+ workout modes

With this fitness tracker, you can enjoy 120+ sports modes for any kind of sport. For example, walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, baseball and much more. You can record your sports data and analyse it after your workout. It will be your new personal coach!
Additionally, this watch will also track your steps on a daily basis as well as burned active calories.

Battery life

This smartwatch has a 260mAh battery capacity with 2-5 days of normal usage and 7 days of standby time.

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