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– All payments are automatically checked to make sure the Credit/Debit Card has not been reported lost or stolen before the payment is authorised. Orders made from countries outside the UK may require further proof of identity to support the card transaction.


– Goods and prices are subject to availability. In the event that we are unable to supply the goods, we will inform you of this as soon as possible and offer alternatives which we think may be suitable. We will not send replacements or send you something you didn’t order without your prior consent.

– If there is anything missing from your order, please contact us at [email protected] within 24 hours of delivery.

– Products may only be returned if unopened and seal still intact and items are in original packaging with tags attached.


– For any goods you wish to return we must be notified within 48 hours of their arrival and you must confirm our returns procedure, failure to do so may invalidate your claim. The customer will be kept fully informed of progress regarding any replacements and or exchanges.

– In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1984, we do not supply any of your details to any third party. Please check our privacy policy.

– None of the above affects your statutory rights.

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– The contract between us shall be governed by the laws of England and any dispute between us will be resolved exclusively in the courts of England.

– If you ordered and your discount has not been applied, you have 24 hours to contact us from the time of purchase to claim this back.

DISCLAIMER: *Please do not fully rely on this smartwatch. It is technology, and like any other tech or human, it can make mistakes. Please note that a smartwatch does not replace the position of any doctor. Always seek the final and superior advice of your doctor. The watches are waterproof but we are not responsible for damage caused by water.

*Female health tracking: This feature should not be used or relied on for any medical purposes. It may not accurately predict your menstrual cycles or related information. All data and tracking should be used for personal reference only.

*The SpO₂ feature is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, prediction, the prognosis of any disease, investigation of physiological processes, or any other medical purpose. All data and tracking should be used for well-being and personal reference only. If you feel uncomfortable, please rely on professional medical devices or consult a doctor for assistance.

*All images and measurements on this website are illustrations and the design of the real product may differ.



1. Introduction

1.1 These rules apply to all competitions, prize draws, promotions, giveaways and such like that are promoted on and run through our website or social media channels.

1.2 To enter a competition you must enter as directed on our social media channels.

1.3 Our competitions are free to enter (no purchase required, unless otherwise stated).

1.4 Promotions on social media are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social network. You are providing your information to Smartwatch For Less and not to any other party. The information provided will be used in conjunction with our Privacy Policy.

2. Eligibility and entry restrictions

2.1 To be eligible to enter a competition:

(a) entrants must be a real person, at least 18 years old and permanently reside in the United Kingdom or other country (proof of address or age may be required)

(b) entrants must not be our employee, officer or agent, or an employee, officer or agent of any person or organisation involved in the running of the competition, and you must not be a family relation of any such person.

(c) Competition entrants for our promotions on social media must have a genuine account and must ‘like’ the Smartwatch For Less social network page (Facebook, Twitter etc.) as part of the entry process.

2.2 The maximum number of entries to a competition per person is 1.

2.3 The maximum number of entries for a competition shall be at our sole discretion but no less than 100 entries. Once this number of entries have been received, the competition will be closed to new entries, notwithstanding the published closing date.

3. Start and closing dates

3.1 A competition shall open for entries at the time and on the date specified on our website and/or social media channels, and similarly, shall close to entries at the time and on the date specified on our website and social media channels. Unless otherwise stated, these times and dates are set to those for GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

3.2 Any entries received before the opening or after the closing of the competition will be invalid and will not be entered into the competition.

3.3 No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received for whatever reason.

3.4 We reserve the right to cancel or amend the competition and these terms and conditions without notice in the event of a catastrophe, war, civil or military disturbance, act of God or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event outside of our control. Any changes to the competition will be notified to entrants as soon as possible by us.

3.5 Entry into the competition will be deemed as acceptance of all of these terms and conditions.

4. Judging

4.1 Competition entries shall be judged or winners selected on the basis of those criteria specified on our website and/or social media channels in relation to the competition.

4.2 If a competition entrant does not meet the eligibility requirements or is subject to any entry restrictions, that entrant shall not be entitled to be adjudged a winner, and will not be entitled to a prize in any circumstances.

4.5 Our decision in respect of all matters to do with the competition will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

4.6 The competition and these terms and conditions will be governed by English law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

5. Winners and prizes

5.1 Competition prizes for each competition shall be specified on our website or social media channels.

5.2 Competition prize winners will be notified of the competition result by email (if an address is asked for/provided) or by direct message on social media (winners must, therefore ‘like’ or ‘follow’ our social media accounts in order to be contacted about prizes) not more than 30 days following the closing date of the competition, and will receive their prizes not more than 60 days following that closing date.

5.3 Reasonable efforts will be made to contact the prize winner for 14 days but if the winner fails to respond to our notification attempts within this time or provide an address for delivery of the prize or fails to meet any of the eligibility requirements or is otherwise unable to comply with the competition terms and conditions, we reserve the right to disqualify that entrant and offer the prize to the next eligible entrant and thereafter until a winner is found.

5.4 The results of a competition will be announced on our website within 30 days following the closing date of the competition. The announcement may include the name and photograph, the town or region of residence and prize details of each prize winner.

5.5 No cash alternative to the prizes will be offered. The prizes are not transferable. Prizes are subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute any prize with another of equivalent value without giving notice.

6. Copyright and moral rights

6.1 You warrant to us that you created your competition entries, that you own all of the copyright in those entries, and that our use of the entries in accordance with these rules will not infringe any person’s intellectual property rights or other legal rights.

6.2 You grant to us an exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual and irrevocable licence to copy, store, edit, distribute, transmit and publish your competition entries.

6.5 To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, you irrevocable and unconditionally waive your rights to be identified as the author of your competition entries and to object to any derogatory treatment of your competition entries.6.6

7. What happens to entries?

7.1 Competition entries will not be returned. Please, therefore, keep a copy of your competition entries.

8. Publicity

8.1 We may undertake publicity activities relating to competitions and prize awards. The winner, therefore, agrees to the use of their name, photograph and disclosure of town or region of residence in any post-prize-winning publicity names, surnames, towns or regions of residence and prize details.

8.2 All other personal details collected as part of the competition will be used in conjunction with our Privacy Policy.

60 days return option

1. Basic provisions

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between the parties to the service contract “option to return the goods within 60 days” (hereinafter the “Service”), on the one hand, the company Smartwatch for Less Ltd as a provider (hereinafter the “Provider”) and on the other hand, the Client (hereinafter the “Client”), these conditions will apply to all transactions relating to this service.

The service agreement is concluded when the customer along with the selected products offered by the provider operated by e-shops, confirms the so-called cart and a service provider will issue him with an invoice.

2. Description of the service

The Provider guarantees to the client that they allow them to return the product without giving any reason within 60 days of purchase, under the conditions specified below, if the client will request the refund, i.e. will take advantage of the service within the period specified below. This service should be used to prevent unwanted gifts.

3. Terms of use of the service

The provider is obligated to provide the service, therefore to provide the client with the option of returning the purchased product without giving any reason within a period of below only if:

  • The client shall order the service in the period when it is offered, at the latest (24 hours since purchasing a product), however, while purchasing the product covered by the service;
  • The client must pay for the service properly and on time;
  • The client shall not withdraw from a contract for the purchase of the product to which the service relates before applying the service;
  • The client shall take advantage of the service no later than at 60th day from the purchase, namely for the product to which the service relates, in person at one of the branches of the provider, eventually on branches of its contractual partners, within regular opening hours;
  • The client does not damage the identification labels of the product to which the service refers or otherwise does not unduly handle the product (e.g. in violation of the rules of proper use of the product specified by the manufacturer).
  • The client shall prove entitlement to the service by the original of the issued invoice containing the product and related service;
  • The client shall submit the product in the state “good”, (see definition below);
  • Products designed for body care and hygiene must be unused with intact packaging.

In case the client fulfils all the conditions under which the service may be used, he/she will receive a refunded price of the product in full amount including VAT. In case the client will take advantage of the service, and will request a refund of the product in a state of “bad” or “impaired”, then the client will be offered only the return of the product at a reduced price, eventually at 0 GBP and takeover of the product for ecological disposal.

Definition of states of products to which the service relates


  • The product has all accessories, which were delivered to the provider along with it (esp. cables, strap, watch face, charger, user manual, packaging box, provided gifts etc.); and
  • The product has no signs of use; and
  • The submitted product includes packaging material, which bears signs of normal unpacking of the product.
  • Products designed for body care and hygiene must be unused with intact packaging.


  • The product has signs of use; and/or
  • The product is incomplete; and/or
  • The product is excessively worn and/or has damage which is easily repairable, and after this reparation, the product can be further fully used without any limitations; and/or
  • The product does not contain consumables at full capacity.


  • The product is damaged and it cannot perform its function in full; and/or
  • The product is fundamentally incomplete, and therefore it is not possible to fully use it.
4. Refund the price of the service 

In case the client is a consumer, they have the right to withdraw from the contract of provision of the service, in terms of the provision § 1829 of the Civil Code, however, in such case, the client must issue also any unjust enrichment back to the provider at the latest at the moment of withdrawal.

5. Refund the price of a product

If the client fulfils all the provider’s conditions of the service of refund of the product, the provider returns without undue delay after fulfilment of the terms of the service purchase price of the product to the client, optionally purchase price is refunded in the form of Store Credit for further purchase of goods at one of the online stores operated by the provider.

6. Final provision

The terms become valid and effective at 22. 11. 2020, while the specification of the service is available on the website of the e-shop operated by the provider.

Wear & Care

All of our products have been manufactured and designed with the goal that you never want to take them off. Even so, for the best experience, it is important to follow the guidelines outlined here as you wear and care for our products. It is important to get the right fit so that the sensors in our products can do their jobs. We select our materials through a rigorous evaluation and testing process beyond what existing regulations require. This is all in an effort to deliver you products that help you live an active, healthier life while keeping your wrist happy.

  • To maintain the new and clean look of your device, it should not be worn during heavy-duty activities which can result in the product being scratched, discoloured, or even damaged if handled incorrectly.
  • Make sure your watch isn’t too tight. Wear the strap loosely enough that it can move back and forth on your wrist. Our heart rate sensors work best when they maintain contact with your skin.
  • If you experience any discomfort or irritation, loosen the strap, and if it persists give your wrist a break by taking your device off.
  • Additionally, keep in mind that if you have eczema, allergies, asthma or other skin sensitivities, you may be more likely to experience skin irritation from a wearable device.
  • Remember, if you start to experience any skin irritation or other discomforts on your wrist or in your hand, such as redness, soreness, tingling, numbness, burning or stiffness, remove your device. If any of those symptoms persist, please contact our customer support and consider contacting a dermatologist.
  • Regularly clean your watch and wrist—especially after working out, sweating or washing your hands. Do not use hand soap, body soap, dish soap, hand sanitisers, cleaning wipes, household cleaners or other similar cleaning products to clean the device, as those are difficult to remove and could get trapped beneath the band and irritate your skin. Instead, only use fresh water to clean the device.
  • Your smartwatch may not be fully waterproof. Therefore always check the waterproof rating before purchasing. Only a 5ATM waterproof rating is suitable for swimming, bathing and similar activities. Water damage is not covered by the warranty.