Why is wearable technology growing?

You might have noticed that every other person you see has some sort of fitness tracker on their wrist. It can be a smartwatch or just a simple bracelet. And why is that? Well it is good to track your goals, progress and your well-being, isn’t it? So what is it about wearable technology that it is growing so fast?

Why is wearable technology so popular?

The reason for wearable technology becoming so popular amongst consumers is for the capability of e.g. smartwatches to improve and monitor personal health. These devices motivate consumers to live a better and healthier lifestyle, by, for example, reminding consumers to stand after extended periods of sitting. In addition to that, exercise is known to reduce anxiety, improve overall health and be fun. It can also be life-changing thanks to these watches reminding people to move – motivation. In terms of basic needs, smartwatches help consumers to achieve eg. self-improvement, entertainment, or connection with other like-minded people.

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Manufacturers are adding these healthcare-focused features into their devices, which they see as the key to future success in offering more than just fitness-tracking functionality, which is what COLMI has done as well. With your smartwatch, you can track your heart rate, and blood oxygen and you can even track your sleep. Health comes first, and thanks to these features you will be able to keep an eye on your well-being.

Where fashion meets technology

In addition, smartwatches have also become a great fashion accessory. You can choose the strap to make your watch more personal and to make it work with your outfit even! Smartwatches are a great way to track your progress, how many steps you’ve done that day how to add a piece of fashion to your style, and who doesn’t want that?

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Health comes first

There has been significant growth in consumers wanting to live a healthier lifestyle and take care of their mental and physical well-being. According to research, two-thirds of adults place diet and exercise as equally important to them as mental and emotional well-being. This has created commercial opportunities for businesses to engage with consumers by providing products to help and support their health, like COLMI. And it has been working, consumers have shown a keen interest in the latest technological health helpers such as smartwatches. Technology, in general, is now playing a major role in consumers’ healthy habits. The research found that 42% of adults find that technology is making it easier to live a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to that, stress has become a part of a lot of consumers’ lives. Exercise has been in second place among people as a stress-relief method. This shows the importance of exercise and wearable technology is encouraging this type of

wearable technology

That is why we have decided to support this trend and encourage exercise, by bringing a young innovative company to the UK market. Smartwatch for Less is an official distributor of COLMI electronics in the UK. Colmi is a brand with a lot of potential, so we have decided to take a step further and bring it to the UK market. We are bringing the COLMI intelligent, sports, health, and fashion concept to our customers, letting them live healthier and better life! Want to learn more about our story? Click HERE.


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