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  • Sale! tebarra p40 smartwatch gold

    Tebarra P40 with BT Call [LIMITED EDITION]

    • Compatible with Android/iPhone (iOS)
    • Water Resistant IP67
    • 120+ Workout Modes
    • Bluetooth Call Feature
    • Voice Assistant
  • Sale! GEN6 Smartwatch

    GEN6 Smartwatch with Call Function


    GEN6 smartwatch is a powerful model that now offers a Bluetooth Call function. It has a better and more stable Dual Bluetooth Connection 5.0 with power-saving capabilities. A very modern user interface will make you feel like having an expensive watch. KEY FEATURES HD Bluetooth Call Function – With a built-in premium speaker and microphone,…

  • Sale! TEBARRA P22 Smartwatch black

    TEBARRA P22 Smartwatch


    TEBARRA P22 smartwatch is a very affordable smart watch with a Bluetooth call feature. You can make calls from the comfort of your wrist. But not only that! This smartwatch offers 28 sports modes to choose from. Not only a great personal assistant but also your personal trainer! Read more to discover more features. KEY FEATURES Call…

  • Sale! S8 Plus Smartwatch

    S8 Plus with Voice Assistant and BT Call


    The S8 Plus smartwatch is packed with features. It is hard to believe that this model also has a Voice Assistant, Recording function and a Bluetooth Call. These are all high-end features that can be only found in premium watches, but not anymore. This is the best value smartwatch. Are you ready to explore all features? KEY…

  • GEN 22 Smartwatch black

    GEN 22 Smartwatch


    New generation smartwatch with a Bluetooth call, that is the new GEN 22 smartwatch. The perfect women’s smartwatch to help you succeed in your life with its features such as Bluetooth Call, Medicine/Drink reminder, Female Health Tracking, Heart Rate Monitor and many more. Bluetooth Call – One-click connection. Calling has never been so convenient. Mobile…

  • Sale! GEN X Smartwatch with Bluetooth Call Silver Gold

    GEN X Smartwatch with Bluetooth Call


    Gen X Smartwatch is perfectly elegant watch for every occasion built from high quality materials. On top of that, Gen X is full of amazing features like Bluetooth Call, Health Monitoring, Sports Tracking and more. Bluetooth Call – Convenience on another level. After you connect your smartwatch to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can quickly…

  • Sale!

    Tebarra P40 Bundle + Extra Strap and FREE Screen Protector


    Bundle Includes:

    • Tebarra P40 smartwatch
    • Extra Strap
    • FREE Screen Protector
  • Sale! sky 9 smartwatch

    SKY 9 Smartwatch with BT call


    Looking for a rounded watch with Bluetooth Call? Then this SKY 9 smartwatch model is for you! Make a call with your watch anytime and anywhere. Not only that, this budget smartwatch can do much more. Track your fitness activities, get notifications and reminders or monitor your sleep. KEY FEATURES Bluetooth Call – This new…

  • Sale! A11 Athlete Series with Voice Assistant

    A11 Athlete Series with Voice Assistant


    For the athlete you are. The A11 Athlete Series with Voice Assistant is bringing you features that we have never seen before in this store. You can now make your life even easier with Siri Voice Assistant, listening to music straight from the smartwatch or making calls on the go. KEY FEATURES Make and receive calls…

  • Sale! GT8 Smartwatch with BT Call

    GT8 Smartwatch with BT Call


    LAST CHANCE ! No additional discount can be applied. Non-returnable item. CLEARANCE

  • Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smart Watch

    Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smart Watch


    Kospet Tank M1 Pro Smart Watch is a high-end, highly durable smartwatch for the most extreme environments. It has all the features that you would expect from the watch but also the Bluetooth Call feature, so you can make a call via your watch. And that is not everything. Read below about all features. KEY FEATURES…

  • Sale! P8 Plus Smartwatch Black Silica

    P8 PLUS Smartwatch


    P8 Plus smartwatch is the new generation of P8 Smartwatches that are very popular. This upgraded version has a Voice Assistant and a Bluetooth Call Function to make your life even easier. It has a brand new app, that makes pairing your Android or iPhone even faster. The screen got bigger as well, but still HD…

  • P7 Smartwatch

    P7 Smartwatch with Bluetooth Call


    P7 smartwatch is an ideal smartwatch if you need to make your calls from your wrist! It also has an improved battery for better and longer calls. It also has a phonebook feature, so you can save your favourite contacts into the watch. There is a lot more to explore such as 8 sports modes, music…

  • Sale! Zeblaze GTS 2

    Zeblaze GTS 2 Smartwatch


    Zeblaze GTS 2 smartwatch is here! Loved the Zeblaze GTS? Well, then you are going to love this new model! It has a built-in microphone and speaker, which means you can make Bluetooth calls without taking out your mobile phone. The smartwatch will also help you monitor your health around the clock by continuously measuring your…

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