Haylou RS4 Plus Review

HAYLOU RS4 Plus Review


Just four months ago there was a new smartwatch presented – Haylou RS4. And now, after that short time the Haylou – Xiaomi sub-brand is back and it brings us a new upgraded version called HAYLOU RS4 PLUS. And we have decided to put a little Haylou RS4 Plus Review together for you. This smartwatch is the novelty in the catalogue of smart watches from Haylou. A surprising device, because at a very reasonable price it offers very good benefits and amount of functionalities. The result is an accessory practical for all types of users. Let’s dive into the features of this smartwatch.

Haylou RS4 Plus Review

General information

Haylou RS4 Plus presents at the first sight a simple but quality. Generally speaking, it’s an elegant watch. It has a square design that looks very clean and elegant and features a smooth 2D curved glass in a metal frame with a brushed finish, giving it the look of an expensive watch. It has one button that turns on-off and the menu. The metallic chassis of the Haylou RS4 Plus has measurements of 45.2 x 37.2mm with a thickness of 10.4mm. The total weight of the watch is 57.6 grams, including the strap, which makes it lightweight and it is very comfortable on the wrist.  These watches are available in black, silver and gold. 

The strap is made from silicone with magnetic closure which is very comfortable on your wrist for long-lasting use. You can easily change the strap.

Haylou RS4 Plus Review

HD Retina Grade AMOLED Display

Unlike any other budget smartwatches, Haylou RS4 Plus has an AMOLED display. With 368*448 Pixel’s unprecedented visual clarity, the large 1.78-inch screen provides a precise and clear experience anytime, anywhere. The 60Hz refresh rate continues to optimize the user experience, which is rarely for round smartwatches that can be currently available and this makes it more attractive in the hand.


It is considered to be one of the best screens in budget smartwatches thanks to its size and resolution. Always-on display feature can be activated from the settings and it wakes up the screen correctly.

Magnetic Strap is Comfortable to Wear

As said before the whole strap is full of small magnets so it can be quickly taken apart and is comfortable to wear and take off. It can be loosened when pulled, but rather difficult to unfasten accidentally. Suitable for people worried about the belt buckle and hole size mismatch.

100+Online Watch Faces to Suit your style

If you are tired of default dial background you can easily change it from more than 100+ stylish watch faces (analog, retro, 3D, big variety of colours), or even upload your photo as the background image for true personalization.

Multi UI Main Menu According to Your Style

Haylou RS4 Plus has various kinds of UI operations: a cellular model and 360° unrestrained smooth sliding. Show personality and suit your style.

IP68 Dustproof and Waterproof

The watch is IP68 waterproof. There is no need to take off the watch when washing your hands, and you can easily cope with sweating during workouts or stormy rains when you are out. Although the watch is not approved for swimming so we recommend avoiding swimming and exposing it to hot water or saltwater.

10-day Battery Life – No Need For Recharging During Workdays

Haylou RS4 Plus offers the best decent battery that is considered in this category with a capacity of 230 mAh. The battery lasts for 10 days in the case you reduce the operation of the heart rate monitoring and you turned off notifications. However, it guarantees us at least 7 days of battery with the heavy use of the watch.

Sport and Health Features

100+ Sport Modes – A Trusted Fitness Partner

Haylou RS4 Plus has 105 workout modes. It can record real-time exercise data, helping you track and improve your athletic performance. It suits any of your needs, including fast walking, yoga, gymnastics, football, cycling and many others. 

Smart Sleep Monitoring with Deep Sleep Recording Helper

The percentage of deep sleep is an essential criterion of sleep quality. Haylou RS4 Plus actively monitors sleep time and status to help you develop good sleep habits.
Haylou RS4 Plus Review sleep monitor

Smart SpO2 Tracking

Sleepiness and fatigue after high-intensity exercise or work are insufficient oxygen in the body. Raise your wrist to test your blood oxygen level and keep your health under control.

Smart 24-hour Heart Rate Monitoring

Haylou RS4 Plus can accurately detect your heart rate 24 hours a day and detect even slight changes, well knowing your every heartbeat.

All Day Stress Monitoring

The Haylou RS4 Plus can monitor your pressure all day-even while sleeping. The watch is a comprehensive and easy-to-use health partner for everyone.

Female Menstrual Cycle Reminder

The menstrual period and the ovulation period can be recorded and can be more intimate reminding before coming.

Haylou Fun App For Haylou RS4 Plus

Haylou RS4 Plus is compatible with the Haylou Fun app for Android and iOS so you can use the watch more efficiently. Of course, it is not the best and does not compare with Samsung / Amazfit or Huawei apps, except that it contains the basic functions that fit this watch with a rather smooth performance. You can download the app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, so you know it is safe. 

You can easily connect your smartwatch with Haylou Fun App. After you install this app all you have to do is scan the QR code of the smartwatch and the phone will find and add the smartwatch in seconds. This it will automatically adjust the time, language, weather and update the smartwatch software, if available. 

Moreover, after logging in to the app you can set the general information as gender, height, weight and age thanks to which it will make the correct measurements. Besides that you will get an information about steps taken, sleep hours, heart rate measurements and many other features without any additional equipment. All this is done by automatically integrating watch data on the home screen with the ability to view it on a daily or monthly basis.

Additionally you can set exercise goals which you encourage yourself to complete your exercise amount each day through a simple and easy-to-understand operating interface with sections like steps, distance, notifications, alarm and more.

What do you think about this model after reading the Haylou RS4 Plus review?

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