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The Best Budget Smartwatches for 2022

Which are the best budget smartwatches of 2022? From run tracking, to displaying smartphone notifications, to monitoring your heart rate, the latest crop of smartwatches do a lot more than just tell time. But which one should you buy? Which ones are the best value? We’ve rounded up our top-rated options to help you decide. It is also important to know what to look for, so keep the following advice in mind when shopping around.

Pick a Watch That Works With Your Phone

Naturally, the first thing you’ll want to consider when buying a smartwatch is compatibility. All of our watches are compatible with the latest Androids and iOS. So, this should not be an issue for you. However, if you are not sure whether your watch is compatible, please reach out to us before you purchase.

Compatibility is one of the main things you should consider when buying a smartwatch, but also check whether it has the features you need, be that GPS, an ECG, or good battery life. When we review each smartwatch we consider design, features, battery life, performance, fitness smarts, price and more.

Smartwatches vs. Fitness Trackers

Unless you want a gadget on both of your wrists (not the best look), you’ll want a smartwatch that can do double duty as a fitness tracker. Most smartwatches are capable of tracking basic activity, like steps, but you need to pay close attention to any additional features. Also, somebody just prefers look of smartwatch rather than fitness tracker. 

How Long Do Smartwatches Last?

Battery life is a hot topic when it comes to choosing a smartwatch. You need to consider the features on your watch and what you need. Usually, the features like BT call and Voice Assistant can drain battery much faster. So, if you do not want BT call function or GPS, our watches can last up to 10 days on a single charge. With additional features, this can be up to 3 days.

Buy It for Looks, Don’t Buy It for Life

Let’s not forget: You’re also going to wear this thing. And unlike your classic watch, it’s probably not going to remain in style for years. Smartwatch design is rapidly changing, so hold out until you find something you actually want to wear. And keep in mind that smartwatches are still gadgets. The coming year is sure to bring new iterations of pretty much every watch on this list, not to mention plenty of completely new ones.

The battle for wrist real estate is quickly heating up. That’s good news for consumers, since it’s likely to result in even better—and better-looking—devices. I wouldn’t be surprised if this list reads completely differently the next time you see it. But if you’re looking for the best smartwatch available today, the options here are the finest we’ve seen so far.

The list of the best smartwatches for 2022

1. 2021’s Bestseller Colmi P8 Smartwatch (SFL edition)

best budget smartwatches

Colmi P8 smartwatch has always been our best seller due to its low price and great features that will assist you in your day to day life. It comes in 5 beautiful colours, so you will definitely find your favourite. The watch face is not very big and it will fit both small and large wrists. On top of that, you can customise your watch face as there is more than 250 available. How cool is that? And of course, you can get an extra strap if you want to customise it even more.

      • Very good value
      • Smart Notifications
      • Measures Heart rate and Blood Oxygen
      • Nice design and HD display
      • Great as a gift because of beautiful packaging by Smartwatch For Less

2. S21 Smartwatch for Women

s21 smartwatch

Not everybody likes square watches, and are drawn more towards the classic design. That is why we have added the beautiful S21 smartwatch to our range. This watch does not only look good but also provides premium features that you can see with much more expensive competitors. For example, you can measure your body temperature or set your heart rate monitoring to 24 hours, so you can easily analyse your HR during the day and stay on top of your health.

    • Beautiful design
    • Comfortable strap
    • Smart & trendy
    • 24 hour heart rate monitoring
    • Temperature check

3. SKY8 Smartwatch for Fitness Enthusiasts

sky 8 smartwatch

SKY 8 Gym smartwatch was created for every fitness enthusiast. It has 16 sport modes to choose from, including workout, which is not very common in budget smart watches. This watch will allow you to track your workouts and improve your fitness. All data can be accessed in the app. It has many more features to explore.

4. P7 Smartwatch with Bluetooth Call

p7 smartwatch

P7 is an ideal smartwatch if you need to make your calls from your wrist! It also has an improved battery for better and longer calls. It also has a phonebook feature, so you can save your favourite contacts into the watch. There is a lot more to explore such as 8 sports modes, music control, sleep monitoring, ECG and 24-hour heart rate monitoring.

5. Are you looking for Kids watch that does not cost fortune? How about the S9?

smartwatches for kids

This new Kids Band S9 is a very affordable option if you want to give your little ones a piece of tech that will make them look cool and motivate them to move more.

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