new arrivals smartwatches

New arrivals smartwatches

Here, at Smartwatch for Less, we are always trying to extend our offer with more unique smartwatches with the newest features. We want to bring you the newest models of smartwatches possible so you can choose your dream smartwatch easily. We are proud to welcome the next new arrivals of smartwatches in our shop which are:

i20 Smartwatch

The new i20 smartwatch has a larger and clearer screen, using a 1.32-inch HD screen with a resolution of 360*360, the pixel is 2.25 times that of other smartwatches. Not only that, this new flagship model brings amazing features like Bluetooth CallAI Voice Assistant, Health monitoring and much more.

i20 smartwatch

Key Features

Thanks to Bluetooth calls you won’t miss any more important calls without taking out your mobile phone. Equipped with an independent speaker and microphone providing a great quality sound.

Smart AI voice assistant, makes your life simpler, freer, and more casual. Incoming SMS, notifications from various apps can be pushed to your watch with vibrating reminders, never miss what matters.

The built-in optical heart rate sensor, combined with an intelligent heart rate algorithm, pays attention to your heart rate changes all day long, and can accurately monitor both the resting heart rate and the exercise heart rate. The i20 smartwatch will also monitor your blood pressure and blood oxygen.

Track your sleep condition, monitor your sleep quality, and generate a professional sleep monitoring report, helping you to fall asleep soundly every night.

Stronger chip Realtek RTL8762DT brings more powerful performance and lowers power consumption. 

i30 Smartwatch

The i30 smartwatch is here in two beautiful colours – Black and Rose Gold stainless steel. Featuring an amazing AMOLED 1.36-inch display with a resolution of 390*390 pixels. This model also finally brings out the ALWAYS ON display in a budget smartwatch. Supports Bluetooth CallsVoice Assistant, 5 sets of menu interfaces and much more.

i30 smartwatch

Key Features

The watch is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth to dial, and it can also answer, reject calls, and view call records on the watch. Whether it’s exercising outdoors or organizing housework at home, the call becomes easy and comfortable. Synchronize with your mobile phone, support SMS reminders, push social notifications such as from Facebook, Twitter, etc., synchronous display of application message content, and synchronous display of various reminders.

AMOLED’s unique always-on function can also keep on display time in standby mode. It has lower energy consumption than ordinary TFT screens and IPS screens bring longer standby time, and always keep on display all day long.

You can connect to the mobile app to download more beautiful dials from the dial market. There are also 5 sets of built-in menu interfaces, with different styles for you to choose from.

 Al voice commands, you can open various applications through voice commands.

Using a high-performance heart rate sensor, the data is more real-time and accurate allowing you to understand your physical condition and enjoy a fitter life.

C61 Smartwatch

The C61 smartwatch is the latest full-screen smartwatch. The C61 adopts a new blood oxygen chip, which uses red light to measure blood oxygen, and the data is more accurate. And the production process of the watch has been upgraded to achieve a larger screen ratio. But, we must not forget the functions thanks to which you will love this smartwatch – Bluetooth CallVoice Assistant and more.

c61 smartwatch

Key Features

Smartwatch uses the main chip of RTL8762D. It adopts BT 5.1 Low Energy technology, which reduces power consumption by 20% and the transmission rate by 30% compared with the previous generation technology. It is the main chip of smart wearables with the lowest power consumption.

It has built-in larger memory and can put 5 sets of UI interfaces and 28 built-in dials.

Whether you’re working or exercising, this watch will be your personal assistant. lt supports Bluetooth calling, you can answer and hang up, and you can also use the watch’s call log to call back. One key to calling back, communicating more time and effort.

Different styles of dials are available for you to choose from, so you can get a little more freshness every day and always grasp the trendy style. A variety of dials are at your disposal.

Supports a variety of sports modes, just lift your wrist to view all exercise data, such as steps, distance, calories, heart rate, etc.

Accurate dynamic heart rate sensor for all skin tones, 24-hour continuous monitoring in real-time. The watch records total sleep duration, deep sleep and light sleep duration, forming an analysis report, so you can better understand your sleep status and develop good sleep habits.

Luxe Slim

Smart yet elegant, that is the Luxe Slim Bracelet designed specifically for women. A beautiful stainless steel slim bracelet to match your every outfit while making your life much more convenient with all its features. Luxe Slim Bracelet features a beautiful HD touch screenhealth trackingfitness tracking and much more.

luxe slim

Key Features

Although the Luxe Slim Bracelet looks like an elegant women’s bracelet, it is also highly durable and surprisingly capable. In addition to the basic functions of measuring daily activity and heart rate, it offers a whole range of advanced functions. The Luxe Slim Bracelet offers the best of both worlds to suit women with a demanding lifestyle and a sense of fashion.

You know best what matters most. Therefore, you will find everything you want on your wrist, but never anything more. In the mobile application, you can set what the bracelet should alert you about exactly according to your needs. Disturbing notifications are gone and you can focus on your day thanks to the Luxe Slim Bracelet.

Your optimal lifestyle is within reach. The Luxe Slim bracelet allows you to monitor not only basic activities, such as steps or sleep but thanks to advanced functions, you will also have an overview of blood pressure or blood oxygen saturation. We all keep in shape differently. The bracelet, therefore, adapts to your personal needs thanks to eight different sports modes.

Thanks to the high-quality metal construction of the case, the bracelet is resistant to water and dust. In normal use, it lasts up to 3 days on a single charge, and in standby mode up to 15 days.

The watch offers you five preset watch faces, but are you in the mood for something different? No problem, in the app you have the opportunity to choose from a wide selection. Just find the one that suits you.

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