Mibro brand

Mibro brand

Mibro smartwatches are a relatively new brand in the smartwatch market, but it has quickly gained recognition for its high-quality products at an affordable price point. Mibro smartwatches come packed with features that are typically only available in much more expensive brands, making them a popular choice for tech-savvy consumers who are looking for an alternative to the more mainstream brands.

About the Company

Mibro is a light life technology brand of Zhenshi Technology, which is invested by Xiaomi, NGP Capital and Morningside Capital, and is one of Xiaomi’s main ecological chain members. Based on high-tech companies in the field of smart wear and health, building smarter and more convenient high-tech products is our starting point. 

We independently design, develop, and produce unique intelligent hardware, and our strict product quality control system ensures every product meets high-quality standards. Their mission is to connect freedom with technology and simplify people’s life! We are determined to provide users with affordable high-quality high-tech products that help them live a healthy, optimistic, and stylish lifestyle. And we are keeping forward with our partners to develop more new technologies.

Company History


· Founded in Shanghai with strategic investment from XIAOMI and Shunwei Capital. 

· Established an R&D centre in Shanghai.

· Create a leading children’s smart wearables brand in China


· R&D and launched the first product for MITU brand of XIAOMI. 

· Established an R&D centre in Huizhou.

· Invested by Nokia and Morningside Capital


· Launched the first Kids’ phone watch for its own brand Xunkids. 

· Become the fastest-growing brand in the children’s smart wear industry in China.

· Won Cannes Silver Lion Award

· Won 3 the Best Product Awards in China


· They ranked the second shipment in the kid’s phone watches industry.

· Expand smart peripheral products for kids.

· Won the Xiaomi best quality award.

· Won 2 the Best Product Awards in China

· Sales exceeded 100 million

· Established an R&D centre in Shenzhen. 

· Xunkids brand offline retail terminal layout up to 8,000. 

· Won the title of “high-tech enterprise”, “Product Of the Year”

· Won the Xiaomi Best Quality award


· With a layout of 20+ categories, become the most complete brand in the category of children‘s intelligence industry.

· Become an S-level partner of Xiaomi

· Launched the first adult sport smart watch Air by global brand Mibro

· Become a Cutting-edge brand in educational technology

· Won the title of “Brand Of the Year”


· Launched 3 new models for Mibro. 

· Sold in 1800+ cities around the world.

· The cumulative shipments reached 20 million units. 

· Become the best intelligent partner of Baidu.


· 7 products released. 

· 200% increase in the number of employees.


One of the most notable aspects of Mibro smartwatches is their sleek and stylish design. The company has taken great care to ensure that its smartwatches look just as good as they function, with attention to detail evident in every aspect of the design. The watches are available in a range of colours and styles, making them suitable for all tastes and preferences.

mibro smartwatches

Battery life

Another key feature of Mibro smartwatches is their exceptional battery life. With up to 10 days of use on a single charge, Mibro watches outlast many of their competitors, making them ideal for those who don’t want to worry about charging their watch every night. This long battery life is made possible by a combination of efficient power management and advanced hardware components.


In terms of features, Mibro smartwatches are jam-packed with functionality. They include all the standard features you would expect from a smartwatch, such as the ability to receive notifications, track your fitness goals, and control your music. But Mibro watches also offer some advanced features that are not commonly found in other brands, such as blood oxygen monitoring, sleep tracking, and GPS.

One of the standout features of Mibro smartwatches is their focus on health and wellness. The watches include a range of fitness-tracking tools, including heart rate monitoring, step tracking, and calorie tracking. But they also go beyond this to offer features that are designed to support mental well-being, such as guided breathing exercises and stress monitoring.

mibro smartwatches

Are they worth the hype?

Overall, Mibro smartwatches offer an excellent combination of style, functionality, and affordability. They are ideal for those who are looking for a smartwatch that looks and feels great but doesn’t break the bank. With exceptional battery life, advanced features, and a focus on health and wellness, Mibro watches are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to stay connected and stay healthy.

In addition to its high-quality products, Mibro is also known for its excellent customer support. The company offers a range of resources and tools to help users get the most out of their smartwatches, including tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and a dedicated customer support team. This level of support sets Mibro apart from many other brands and demonstrates the company’s commitment to its customers.

In conclusion, Mibro smartwatches offer a compelling alternative to the more mainstream brands. With their sleek and stylish design, advanced features, and affordable price point, Mibro watches are a great choice for anyone who wants a smartwatch that looks great, functions well, and offers excellent value for money. Whether you’re looking to track your fitness goals, stay connected with friends and family, or simply stay on top of your schedule, Mibro smartwatches are a versatile and reliable choice.

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