Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Review

While the Amazfit brand has attracted users to affordable devices in the past, it now seems that it is slowly trying to break into the premium sector as well. The price of the Amazfit GTR 3 Pro model is close to the most expensive watches on the market, but it has decent equipment to defend it. Low weight, sophisticated design, 12-day endurance, GPS or tracking of almost all available metrics. On paper, Amazfit GTR 3 Pro sounds like a great buy, but is it so amazing in reality? Let’s find out in this Amazfit GTR 3 Pro review!

amazfit gtr 3 pro

Design & Display

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is dominated by its big, circular AMOLED display, with two buttons on one side. Thanks to its timeless design it looks more like a classic watch that also offers simple navigation; one button opens the app’s menu and one opens up all available workouts. On the back of the watch, you’ll find monitors for SpO2 and heart rate monitors, alongside the charging port. It also supports always-on functionality. It’s worth noting that there are over 150 watch face options here, many of which can be edited, and all of the ones we’ve tested look great.

The GTR 3 Pro features a 46mm body that measures 10.7mm thick. The body is made from an aluminium alloy that can be partnered up with a black infinite or brown leather look, which gives you the option of a more workout-friendly. It does offer 5ATM water resistance though, so, in theory, you’re good to swim up to 50m deep.

Fitness Tracking Features

Do you run, swim or cycle? For Amazfit GTR 3 Pro no problem. More surprising activities can impress you. There are over 150 sports modes which can be tracked, from combat sports – like boxing and karate – to board games – chess, to a nebulously titled “esports workout”.

There’s support for the key five satellite navigation systems to make sure you get accurate outdoor exercise tracking. When we compare the in-built GPS tracker to an iPhone’s measurements, the Amazfit is accurate, too. It can read data from Apple’s Health app if you grant it permission.

The GTR 3 Pro has Zepp’s native Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) score, which reminds you of the Activity Zone Minutes tool. The goal is to earn and maintain at least 100 PAI points over a 7-day period, which isn’t difficult as long as you work out regularly. Even your morning 1-mile dog walk can help you earn 15 points. 

Health Features

It doesn’t track just your physical output. A stress tracker calculates whether you need some time to rest and a sleep tracker doesn’t monitor just sleep timing, but also the quality of it. What impressed us is you can test blood oxygen, stress, breathing and heart rate with a single tap.

This smartwatch is suitable for women too! Not just with the unisex design but also with the women’s health features. The menstrual period and the ovulation period can be recorded and can be more intimate reminders before coming.

In a 45-second reading, the smartwatch will tell your stress score, heart rate, SpO2 level and respiration rate. Most of these metrics can be measured individually, too. You can have your stress monitored every 5 minutes, and receive alerts when your stress score is high for an extended period of time. Similarly, with automatic blood oxygen monitoring, you can get a notification if your SpO2 levels fall low. Just note these features will cut into your battery life big time.

amazfit gtr 3 pro

Other Features

One highlight of the features is offline voice controls, which activate your watch’s microphones for 5 seconds after you raise your wrist and let you ask for a certain app or workout type to launch. This watch also has Alexa, so you can control any of the Alexa devices in your home or ask questions through your phone’s Wi-Fi connection.

Another perfect feature of this smartwatch is how Bluetooth connectivity lets you answer calls on your watch. You can also read messages and other notifications through your smartwatch. The speaker quality is solid enough for when you answer the call. 

The speaker on the watch can be used to play music, which is something that other smartwatches don’t offer. Luckily, you can pair Bluetooth headphones for playback. You can store just over 2GB of music downloaded in the companion Zepp app, too. 

Speaking of it, you need the Zepp app quite a bit when you want to customize your experience with the smartwatch. Several apps will prompt you to initiate setting changes or see further health info on your smartphone. You’ll also need to add new smartwatch apps from your smartphone, not that there are many apps to choose from. There’s no NFC chip for mobile payments, so you can’t leave your wallet at home.

Amazfit’s watches are convenient for iOS as well. Even Fitbit smartwatches can only transfer calls to Android phones, but the GTR 3 Pro easily pulled incoming calls from your iPhone. You don’t see many smartwatches that play nice equally with both major smartphone software.

Battery Life

Battery performance on the GTR 3 Pro varies depending on how you use it and what you use because some features will drain the battery more.

Amazfit says that even heavy use will work six days (12 days with “regular” use) before needing a charge. It is kind of impressive despite its large, always-on display, animated watch faces, Bluetooth, GPS and ability to track activity and sleep.

With the battery saver mode, the smartwatch’s battery can last up to 30 days. When you use GPS continuously it will last up to 35 hours, which can be very solid for tracking a marathon run or something else.

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