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  • Sale! Colmi P8 Smartwatch black

    Colmi P8 Smartwatch

    Original price was: £69.99.Current price is: £39.99.
    • Compatible with Android/iPhone (iOS)
    • Water Resistant IP67
    • 7 Workout Modes
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  • Sale! S20 Pro Smartwatch gold

    S20 Pro Smartwatch

    Original price was: £69.99.Current price is: £39.99.
    • Compatible with Android/iOS (iPhone)
    • Notifications from WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat and more
    • Health Monitoring
    • Light Weight, premium Design
    • Full HD display
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  • Sale! SKY 8 Gym Smartwatch

    SKY 8 Gym Smartwatch

    Original price was: £69.99.Current price is: £43.99.

    SKY 8 gym smartwatch was created for every fitness enthusiast. Are you struggling to find a budget activity tracker that has a gym/ workout mode? Problem solved! The SKY 8 has a dedicated workout mode for you to track your calories burnt, time and more. Additionally, there are a lot more features such as real-time…

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  • LIGE Smartwatch

    LIGE Smartwatch


    The new LIGE smartwatch is an activity tracker for everyday men and women, compatible with both Android and iOS. It is one of the best selling smartwatches in the US, the UK and Europe. Grab this best selling smartwatch now for an unbeatable price. KEY FEATURES Notification & Calls – LIGE sports smartwatch is equipped with a smooth and comfortable 1.3-inch full…

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  • Kids Smart Band S9

    Kids Smart Band S9


    This new Kids Smart Band S9 is a very affordable option if you want to give your little ones a piece of tech that will make them cool and motivate them to move more. KEY FEATURES ALL-DAY ACTIVITY TRACKING – Automatically tracks your kid’s steps, distance and calories burned with the Kids Smart Band S9….

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  • Colmi Retro P10

    Colmi Retro P10


    Retro style has always been trendy and the Colmi Retro P10 speaks for itself! However, its retro design should not fool you. This model is packed with innovative technology, 13 workout modes, a 1.3-inch full touch screen and many other fun features. KEY FEATURES Health monitoring – Not even the Retro P10 goes without health monitoring…

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