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Zeblaze Stratos Review

Zeblaze Stratos Review

Zeblaze Stratos is a new budget-friendly GPS smartwatch that has made an impact in the world of wrist tech. Smartwatch disposes of built-in GPS, durable design, 1.32-inch colour display, and up to 25 days of battery life. With the magnitude of multiple built-in sensors, the Stratos is fitted with Bluetooth 5.0 allowing for quick and seamless data transfer to your smartphone.  Checkout the Zeblaze Stratos Review below.

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Stratos gives users the opportunity to take advantage of all that it offers in various environments.

Zeblaze Stratos offers multiple features:

  • 100+ Goal-based exercises 
  • 24hr Health tracking 
  • Sleep tracking and stages 
  • Sync smart notifications

100+ Goal-based exercises 

Thanks to Stratos you can fully track your activity, a lot more accurately as the professionally built-in sensors will analyze and help to enhance your exercising capabilities. The only possible restriction with the Stratos is not being able to connect any other external hardware such as heart rate sensors. Essentially because the Stratos already has it all built-in.

Most of the sports modes, such as running, walking, cycling, have the same functions, such as setting a distance, time, and calories. You can also turn on/off GPS trace, kilometers alert, and heart rate alert. In soccer, basketball, badminton, and some other modes, you can start training and then track your training time, heart rate, and calories burned. In the swimming mode, you can set the length of the pool and start training.

24hr health tracking

The next function Zeblaze Stratos offers is VO2 MAX Fitness Analysis. It says about maximum oxygen uptake. Then, the smartwatch heart rate monitorstress detection, and spO2 level measurement.

Sleep tracking and stages

Stratos measures total sleep. Light sleep, deep sleep, and awake time will then sync with your smartphone to give you a full breakdown of your sleep patterns. 

zeblaze stratos review

App – Zeroner

During the first launch of the app, you need to enter your personal information, such as height, weight, and birthday to track your journey perfectly. On the home screen, you’ll see multiple widgets providing you with current stats. Then of course you can dive deeper into your sleep patterns allowing you to check out the reason why you’re waking up still tired every morning.


With a large 1.32 HD screen and 580MaH battery size, Zeblaze claims that in pure smartwatch mode it can last up to 14 days, whereas when in GPS mode it will still provide a very impressive 40 hours. With the carbon fiber reinforced polymer case it also becomes waterproof down to 50 meters.

zeblaze stratos review

The strap is silicone, and it has a width of 22mm thanks to which the watch is very comfortable to wear. It is very soft and doesn’t create any discomfort. The dimension of the watch is 47 by 47mm, while the thickness is 14mm. On the back of the watch, there are charging contacts and multiple sensors. The display has a diagonal of 1.32 inches and a resolution of 360 by 360 pixels. The screen is very bright, so you can see everything on it in direct sunlight. The touch screen is also very responsive. When it comes to the interface, as most watches from Zeblaze, it’s fully customizable and easy to set up by just swiping through the different options. The display for this kind of budget smartwatch seems to be phenomenal. 

Other functions 

Events, compass, breathe training, heart health, language, and watch faces (there are nine pre-preinstalled on the watch, but you can download more from the app on your smartphone).


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