smartwatch with Bluetooth Call

Smartwatches with BT call function

Smartwatches have evolved a lot over the past few years. Apart from showing you quick notifications, they now also let you track your exercise and even make calls. A lot of people enjoy using the calling feature on their smartwatch, as they always carry their smartphones in their pocket. When they receive a call, it’s easier to take it on their smartwatches with Bluetooth Call function than to get out their phone from their pocket.
If they want to experience this convenience, they need to invest in a smartwatch with a calling feature. In this blog post, you can meet our smartwatches which have this BT call function and choose which one of them will be your new personal assistant.

Smartwatches with Bluetooth Call Function

1. Tebarra P22

TEBARRA P22 smartwatch is one of the best-selling smartwatches with Bluetooth Call function and a very affordable model.  You can make calls from the comfort of your wrist. But not only that! This smartwatch offers 28 sports modes to choose from. Not only a great personal assistant but also your personal trainer!

smartwatches with bluetooth call

Key Features

Except for BT call function you can also enjoy:
24 hours real-time Health monitoring – smartwatch tracks your all-day steps, calories, activity minutes, heart rate, and sleep stages.
28 sport modes which enable you to track a variety of real-time data during exercise, so you’ll be able to know your exercise status and improve accordingly.
Premium Design – a 1.7-inch square full-colour HD screen brings a better visual experience. It is also IP67 water-resistant, so you can wear it every day in every weather without any worries!
Incoming notifications from your social media apps – when you download the DaFit app and turn on notifications, you will receive your emails and messages on your watch that you can read. You will never miss out on any important news.

2. GEN6

GEN6 is a powerful smartwatch which has a better and more stable Dual Bluetooth Connection 5.0 with power-saving capabilities. A very modern user interface will make you feel like having an expensive watch.

smartwatches with bluetooth call

Key Features

Except for BT call function you can also enjoy:

Ingenious design – Nordic minimalistic design and smooth lines. 1.3-inch HD screen is rich in colours providing a vivid picture. Whether it is dark or light outside, the content looks always clear.

Measure Blood Pressure or Blood Oxygen – Automatically monitor and record your heart rate and blood pressure. The GEN6 smartwatch lets you know if anything is out of the ordinary at any time and anywhere.

All Day Activity Health Data – Record daily data such as steps, distance, and calorie consumption. Protect your sleep quality, recording deep sleep, light sleep, sleep, and awake time. 7 exercise modes are available, providing reference data for your daily health analysis and improvement.

Stay Connected to Your Day – It will vibrate to alert you if your phone receives a phone call, SMS text, and SNS messages (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Linked In, Skype, and others).

3. SKY 9

Make a call with your watch anytime and anywhere. Not only that, this budget smartwatch can do much more. Track your fitness activities, get notifications and reminders or monitor your sleep.

Key Features

Except for BT call function you can enjoy also:

Voice Assistant – Call, check the weather, and more.

Health Care – Measure your blood pressure, blood oxygen or heart rate with the built-in sensor. Sleep monitor function can analyse the duration of deep sleep, light sleep and wake-up time, allowing you to track and improve the quality of your sleep.

Stay active – 24 sport modes built-in. You will definitely find your favourite one to help you improve your fitness game.

Notification Reminder – When you get a message, your smartwatch will vibrate to notify you. This model also supports incoming calls, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and many more.

IP67 water-resistant and long battery life – IP67 water-resistant rating makes this fitness tracker watch safe in the rain, splashes or sweat (avoid hot water). The standby time is up to 25 days, usage time is about 2-6 days.

More features to explore – This watch has many features to explore such as music control, a customisable screen, intelligent reminder and much more.

4. GT8

Another one of the best smartwatches with Bluetooth Call function – GT8 is a new generation of budget smartwatches. It has a Bluetooth call function which is the most important feature for our customers. Now it costs less and is waiting for you to discover!

Key Features

Except for BT call function you can enjoy also:

Lightweight design – Even though this watch has a lot of great functions, it is still very light. In fact, it only weighs 55g. The design is very modern and can compete with many high-end smartwatches.

Fitness Watches for both Men or Women – Has a large 1.3-inch colour screen, which provides excellent image quality. You can monitor your sleep, heart rate and your own daily exercise data (steps, distance etc.). This smartwatch is the right choice to help you stay motivated and stay healthy.

Compatibility & other features – This smartwatch is compatible with smartphones that use iOS 9.0/Android OS 4.4 or above, and Bluetooth 4.0 or above.

This watch also has an alarm, a stopwatch, remote camera control, weather forecast, and brightness adjustment functions.


Meet the new model from Zeblaze – the Zeblaze GTR 2 Smartwatch, designed for your active life. This model features a beautiful 44mm Metal Body, can receive or make calls, measures your health and fitness and offers a long 14-day battery life.

Key Features

20+ Goal-Based Exercises – Activate one of the sports modes you need. After you finish the exercise, the watch will produce a corresponding analytical report viewable in the mobile app to help you continuously improve your exercise plan.

Raise your wrist for incoming calls and app notifications – Never miss an important notification with real-time alerts for incoming calls, text messages, social media, and other app notifications. Check weather and air quality forecasts, and set alarms for your reminders to stay up to date when making plans.

Enjoy a Bigger and Clearer View – Zeblaze GTR 2 uses a high-resolution screen, bringing a remarkable clearness in details and keeping the watch as exquisite to look at as when you first lay your eyes on it.

Personalized Watch Faces – Supports Custom Watch Face. The dial market provides a variety of creative and colourful watch faces that match your mood. You can also customize your one with your favourite photos from your mobile device.

24h Heart Rate – Keep you aware of the exercise effect and provide warnings when your resting heart rate is abnormally elevated.

Blood Pressure Monitoring – Anytime you feel pressured throughout the day, so you know when to relax and reduce it.
SpO2 Level Measurement – Blood oxygen testing is significant for those who are older, obese or working under pressure.

Sleep Tracking – Records your sleep through different stages and improves your habits for better sleep.

14 days Battery Life, More Peace of Mind – A fully optimized battery management system provides up to 14 days of battery life for the Zeblaze GTR 2. Get rid of the anxiety brought on by constant charging, and keep the energy flowing.

Water Resistant IP68 – Zeblaze GTR 2 is based on IP68 waterproof rating standards, which can effectively prevent sweat or raindrops from splashing, meeting daily waterproof needs, and making you more at ease.

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