Best Smartwatches for Kids

Have you ever been thinking about buying your kid a smartwatch? Our smartwatches for kids can be a game-changer when it comes to the safety and entertainment for your child. You can check where your child is via GPS or you can make a video call to make sure they are doing okay! You can choose a simple smartwatch or a 4G watch that will help you keep an eye on your child and, of course, for the best price. Here in this blog post, we will give you an overview of what features you can find in our smartwatches for kids.

In our shop you can find these smartwatches for kids:

SFL 4G Smartwatch (in blue and pink)

X Series 2 (in pink, black and gold)

Kids Smart Band S9 (in purple, red and black)

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3 Disney Little Mermaid

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3 Iron Man Marvel

SFL 4G Smartwatch For Kids

New smartwatch for kids with a lot of functions such as video calls, GPS locating, SOS button, games and more!

We can split the features of this smartwatch into two categories – SAFETY and ENTERTAINMENT.

1. Safety

Location – The watch uses a 4G signal, GPS, acceleration sensor and gravity sensor which is a cutting-edge technology when it comes to locating your child from your mobile regardless of the place or time. You can locate your child outdoor with a precision of 200m and indoors at 20m. In the best conditions for signal, it has 10m accuracy on average.
Make a call – Call your loved one anytime via a mobile network or internet connection which is supported by a 0.3mp camera.
SOS Button – It also has an SOS button that will dial 3 SOS numbers in 2 cycles, send a notification to the app, or call an emergency in case it is needed.

Safety design –  You can use the electronic fence function when the child is out of the range, the watch will send you a notification. There is a function for shielding the calls from strangers as well to make sure nobody outside your family can contact your child.

2. Entertainment

Battery life – The watch has a 680 mAh battery which is triple the capacity of an ordinary smartwatch giving you confidence that you can use all functions without worrying that the battery is not going to last when needed the most. Charge for an hour and standby for 1-3 days.
Waterproof – The watch has an IPX7 waterproof certificate. Your kid can freely wash hands or wear it when it rains outside.
HD touch screen – 1.4-inch large touch screen will make sure that your little one is happy to use all of its features, such as encyclopedia, games, calculator, accessing class timetable or using a camera.
EXTRA FEATURES: Pair it with friends! Gently touch another watch and make a friend!
You can buy this smartwatch in blue or pink colour.

At Smartwatch for Less, we want to bring the best possible quality for less. But when it comes to kids, we believe that quality is much more important than a lower price. That is why the SFL smartwatch is one of the most expensive models on our site. This smartwatch can be a game-changer when it comes to safety and entertainment for your child. You can check where your child is via GPS or you can make a video call to make sure they are doing okay!

X Series 2 For Kids

Meet the new X Series 2 Smartwatch for kids. A lightweight and slim device, designed to meet the unique needs of your child. An elegant smartwatch that’s lightweight, yet durable. The design is subtle and comfortable on your wrist, not bulky like some other smartwatches. It is also very trendy! While the screen appears flat, it’s capable of displaying a wealth of information, including text messagesincoming calls, sleep tracking, heart rate tracking, mini-game and much more.

x series 2 smartwatch message notifications

Key Features

High performance & cost-effective design – Have a great experience thanks to the 1.7inch IPS full touch screen, 240×280 resolution display providing a wider and clearer – luxurious visual experience. You can even play a mini-game on this watch!

24h Real-time Heart Rate Monitor – Internal optical heart rate sensor, will keep an eye on your heart rate whether you are working or running or just chilling by the TV.

Professional Sleep tracker & Analysis – Automatic sleep tracking can analyse your sleep data and help you to improve your sleeping habits and live a healthier lifestyle.

No more missed calls or messages – This model works as your personal assistant and gives you a real-time message/call notification alert. You can reject a call if you need to. You can also set up sedentary or drinking reminders to suit your healthy lifestyle.

Multiple workout modes – The X Series 2 smartwatch will accompany you across the mountain and the sea. Take advantage of 8 sports modes such as hiking, running, climbing or cycling. Are you ready to move?

IP68 Water-resistant – No more worrying if it is raining or you are washing the dishes. The IP68 water-resistant rating makes sure you are worry-free whenever you get in contact with water.

Say goodbye to the short battery issue – Built-in 200 mAh high-performance lithium battery supports up to 25 days of standby time and 7 days of working time. Charging takes only 2.5h.

Available in pink, gold and black colour.

Kids Smart Band S9

This new Kids Band S9 is a very affordable option if you want to give your little ones a piece of tech that will make them cool and motivate them to move more.
smartwatches for kids

Key Features

ALL-DAY ACTIVITY TRACKING – Automatically tracks your kid’s steps, distance and calories burned. Supports 10+ activity modes: Walking, Running, Bicycle, Dance, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Climbing, Workout, etc.

HEART RATE & SLEEP TRACKER & SILENT ALARM CLOCK – The fitness tracker can automatically monitor your kid’s daily real-time heart rate and track how well your kids sleep at night. Get the data about your kid’s sleep trends through the night in the app. The silent alarm clock can wake up your kids without disturbing others.

BUILT-IN USB DESIGN & LONG BATTERY TIME– You can charge the fitness tracker with any USB adapter without requiring an external charger. Kids spend less time charging & more time moving. Charging takes about 1-2 hours, the fitness tracker battery can last up to 7 days.

Available in purple, red and black colour.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3 Disney Little Mermaid

Garmin Vivofit® jr. 3 Little Mermaid, besides a fitness tracker for kids, it’s an interactive experience where activity unlocks adventure. The swim-friendly adjustable green Ariel-themed silicon band is suited for ages 4+ and can be adjusted using the buckle from 130mm – 175mm. The silicon case holds a 14mm x 14mm LCD colour display that is powered by a 1+ year battery life so recharging is not necessary.

Key Features

With vivofit® jr. 3, kids can uncover adventures and games on the parent-controlled app by completing 60 minutes of daily activity. While kids explore magical areas, parents can use the app to monitor activity, manage and assign chores and even give rewards to positively enforce good behaviour. 50 metres water resistant and presented in official Garmin packaging.

QUIZZES AND GAMES – Not only does 60 minutes of daily activity unlock adventure, the more active minutes kids log, the more chances they’ll get to take pop quizzes, learn fitness moves and play tap challenges and matching games.

COLLECTIBLE GEMS – Meeting their daily activity goals also rewards your kid with colourful gems. They can use gems to reveal pictures in a scrapbook that features memories of all their adventures.

FITNESS CARDS – With coaching from their travel companions, your kid will learn basic exercise moves from fitness training cards, including jumping jacks, downward dogs, mountain climbers and more.

CHARACTER WATCH FACES – Allow kids to personalise their fitness trackers with watch faces featuring Captain America, Spider-Man and even more of their favourite Avengers.

ICE (IN CASE OF EMERGENCY) WIDGET – It never hurts to be prepared. Input your child’s emergency contact information into the ICE widget, so it can quickly be accessed if needed.

MONITOR ACTIVITY – With the Garmin Jr. app, parents can view activity, responsibilities, sleep, chore data and more after syncing with compatible devices.

CHORES AND REWARDS – Assign tasks and chores from the app1, and designate a reward virtual coin value. Those in-app coins can be redeemed by your kiddos for agreed-upon rewards.

FRIENDLY REMINDERS – When you assign chores and schedule alerts, your kid’s tracker will let them know with an icon that shows what needs to be done. These can be set up to recur weekly or even daily.

STEP CHALLENGES – With Toe-to-Toe™ step challenges, kids can sync with nearby friends to compete in timed step competitions. Parents can get in on the fun, too, with the Toe-to-Toe app and a compatible Garmin wearable.

STAY ACTIVE TOGETHER – Link up with your kid’s friends on the Garmin Connect™ app, and connect with other families in the Garmin Jr. app1. Interact with them, and compete in multifamily weekly step challenges.

KID MODE – Enable Kid Mode in the Garmin Jr. app1 to give your kid limited access to monitor and check off their own chores and to view the latest mission in their app adventure.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3 Iron Man Watch Marvel

The Garmin Vivofit Jr.3 Iron Man isn’t just a smartwatch for kids, it’s an interactive experience where your child’s activity unlocks exciting Marvel Avengers app adventures!

Key Features

RED IRON MAN DESIGN – This red Iron Man design has your child ready for any S.H.I.E.L.D. mission with a colour display and multiple face options.

ENDLESS FEATURES – This accessory has endless functions, from unlocking Marvel Avengers adventures and games to parents managing chores and giving rewards. Not only does 60 minutes of daily activity unlock adventure, the more active minutes kids log, the more chances they’ll get to play the heart-pounding tap challenge game. Meeting their daily activity goals also rewards your kid with Infinity Stone points. They can use these points to reveal epic new images of the Avengers.

DURABLE & WATERPROOF – This durable fitness tracker is swim friendly, and the easy-to-replace battery lasts up to 1 year.

TIMED ACTIVITIES – New timed activities let kids track their steps and estimated distance during playtime at the park, soccer practice and much more. View saved activities later in the Garmin Jr.™ app1.

… and next features are the same as Garmin Vivofit® jr. 3 Little Mermaid.