Mi Band 6 NFC Review

Mi Band 6 NFC | Contactless Payments are here

Xiaomi is the world leader in smart bracelets, and the Mi Band 6 NFC shows why this is so. It is a superbly equipped smart bracelet with a beautiful and large AMOLED display, a choice of over 60 watch faces, and advanced sports and health features. Today we are going to dive into the Mi Band 6 NFC Review.

Key features:

  • Gorgeous 1.56″ AMOLED display
  • SpO2 monitoring and heart rate measurement
  • 30 fitness modes
  • Waterproof to 50 m (5 ATM) and swim support
  • Long battery life of approx. 14 days
  • NFC with payment support for Mastercard users

The smartphone app shows everything that Mi Band 6 NFC edition has been tracking. Extremely precise and reliable and with very accurate heart rate and SpO2 tracking, it can easily put to shame a lot of modern smartwatches and the best part is that it consistently is providing to you with close to 10 days of battery life with all the tracking features on. A lot of sports and workouts continuous heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, sleep tracking, stress levels, detailed analysis predictions, health recommendations, together with a lot more useful features like reminders, alarms even Alexa as a smart assistant.

mi band 6 nfc review

We are now going to take a look at how to let the magic of contactless payment happen.

Contactless Payments

If you want to make contactless payments, there are generally two major things that you need. First of all, you need the hardware piece supporting NFC, so the Mi Band 6 NFC edition is perfect for that. The second thing you need is software that can process the transaction and also carry your bank card details. Most conveniently, the software should be residing on your smartphone. And there are a lot of other variables. You need a bank card, which is supported by the software, you need to go through a setup procedure which is going through some security features and also you adding your bank card inside the software, and after that, once you have the confirmation, everything has been approved and accepted, you can make the payments. 

mi band 6 nfc review

How does it work?

  1. We need to open the corresponding section in the Xiaomi wear app, select devices, and go to Xiaomi pay. The band has to be connected, otherwise, you cannot open the menu.
  2. The app is going to ask you to add a security PIN. This is the PIN that you have to enter to unlock the band before making the payment. 
  3. Then we can add the card and we have to enter the details. Note, that currently only MasterCard is supported. 
  4. Curve, a service that you can use free of charge, pretty much across the whole of Europe, works just fine and you can add a card.
  5. Once the step completes, you are going to be asked for the CVV code and there is one more confirmation until you finalize the procedure. Essentially, that’s most of the procedure.
  6. The next thing is you to try to pay something. Just swipe, select the card, press the next key, and you have one minute to complete the transaction by placing Mi Band close to the bank terminal. 

As proof, you can try detecting the NFC chip inside bands with NFC tools and it works like charm. For all of your transactions, you are going to see a detailed list.


Both Android and iOS users can take advantage of this new Mi Band 6 NFC edition. If you have the original Mi Band 6, it is not just a software update, it is a hardware component that gets added to this device and gets enabled with this new release, so you just might have to buy it. In order to support contactless payments.

So, are you convinced to get one yourself after reading this Mi Band 6 NFC Review?

Banks supported based on the country:

2. Czech Republic: Curve, Československá obchodní banka, a.s.;
3. Denmark, Finland, Norway: Curve;
4. Estonia: Curve, Swedbank;
5. Italy: Curve, Nexi Payments;
6. Latvia: Curve, Swedbank;
7. Lithuania: Curve, Swedbank;
8. Poland: ZEN, POCZTOWY, SGB, Curve;
9. Russia: VTB, AlfaBank, Raiffeisenbank, BANK OTKRITIE, Credit Bank of Moscow, Credit Europe Bank, Gazprombank, Post Bank, Promsvyazbank, RSB (Russian Standard Bank), Russian Agricultural Bank JSC, Soyuz, TINKOFF BANK, YOOMONEY NBCO LLC, MTS Bank, PJSC ROSBANK.
10. Slovakia: Curve, mBank;
11. Sweden: Curve, Swedbank;
12. Ukraine: AlfaBank, PJSC CB PRIVATBANK, JSC Oschadbank, OJSC Universal Bank, PJSC Bank Vostok, Public JSC First Ukrainian International Bank, Joint Stock Bank Ukrgasbank;
13. UK: Curve.
UPDATED: 19/04/2022


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