IMILAB W12 Smartwatch Review

IMILAB is one of the many subsidiary brands of Xiaomi, which many of you know as a producer of security cameras. But since the beginning of 2021 year, it has expanded its product range with multiple models of smartwatches and fitness trackers. One of them is the IMILAB W12 smartwatch. In this article, you will learn everything about the functions of this watch.

Package content

The IMILAB W12 smartwatch comes in a small retractable box with the manufacturer, model name and main technical specifications on it. There is also a QR code on the back for downloading applications. Inside the packing, there is the watch with a bracelet, a charging cable and a brief manual for use.

Design and Display

The watch is very well made. It is made of brushed metal. It has a 1,32-inch screen with a resolution of 360 and 2 metal buttons on the right. The display itself is embedded in a delicate, several-millimetre frame, which is hardly noticeable during everyday use. The body watch is quite large. Its diameter is 46 mm and its thickness is approximately 11 mm. The device weighs 57 grams.

The standard strap is silicone, standard width (22 mm) and standard fasteners. Thanks to the standard width it is easy to replace it with other bracelets or straps if you wish. The clasp of the strap is classic, painted black with the manufacturer’s logo. The bottom of the watch is made of plastic. It shows 2 metal charging contacts to which the charger cable “sticks”, and 3 sensors from the bottom.

There are 6 main dial designs. The preset shows all the necessary information. In addition to the current time, there is also the date, heart rate, SpO2 and steps taken with distance.


Pairing it with the app

The IMILAB W12 smartwatch works with the Glory Fit app. After installation, the application will ask you to log in and enter basic data about you, such as gender, height, weight, age and daily step goal. A pleasant bonus is the instructions for the proper functioning of the app, according to which it is necessary to enable the automatic start of the application and also high performance. The app is able to instantly recognize the watch near the smartphone. Pairing itself is extremely fast and requires no confirmation on the watch or scanning of a QR code. The watch is paired with the app automatically without any additional steps.

Sleep monitoring

Monitoring the quality and duration of sleep is a common feature of most smartwatches and fitness bracelets. On the watch display, you will find information about the length of total sleep, which is further divided into a deep and shallow sleep. The app provides a bit more information. In addition to deep and shallow sleep, we can also find information about how long we were awake during sleep, and we also have a weekly or monthly overview available. Here we find data such as the average length of our sleep and similar statistics.

13 sports modes

The IMILAB W12 smartwatch has the function of tracking sports activity. We have 13 sports to choose from. Specifically, these are: running, walking, cycling, hiking, stationary bike, yoga, jumping rope, gymnastics, badminton, ping-pong, rowing, so-called sit-ups and free activity.

During the activity, the time, heart rate, calories burned, distance travelled, pace and the number of steps are displayed on the watch display. The activity record can then be found in the GloryFit app under individual sports. It displays a lot of information, including a heart rate graph.

Heart rate and SpO2 measurement

The watch also has the popular function of measuring heart rate and blood oxygenation. The watch can measure the heart rate in about 6-7 seconds, while the oxygenation information is displayed almost immediately. The accuracy of the heart rate monitor is very high in both resting and training modes. Unfortunately, you cannot set a high heart rate alarm.


Other features

The application offers a choice of notifications about calls, SMS messages and notifications from applications. As for watch faces, the application offers dozens of them, so there is plenty to choose from. There is also the possibility of creating your own design. You can set 24-hour heart rate and SpO2 monitoring, long-time sitting notification, alarm clock, turn-on-the-wrist lighting setting, setting the display lighting time, time mode and units.

Endurance and Charging

The manufacturer indicates the endurance for one charge at the level of 30 days. However, this only applies to standby mode, when you hardly use the watch. In normal operation, however, it should be at least 15 days. The truth is that durability depends a lot on the style of use. Charging takes approximately 2 hours.

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