Difference between Honor Band 6 and Huawei Band 6

In terms of design, specifications and features we can say that the difference between the Honor Band 6 and the Huawei Band 6 is almost non-existent. These two models are almost identical but just almost. We will look at the differences in today’s article.

Design and Display

Both of these smartwatches have a 1.47-inch AMOLED display with 194 x 368 pixels resolution and a 2.5D curved glass on top. Same as the Huawei Band 6, Honor Band 6 is water resistant up to 50 meters and comes with a removable silicone strap.

Huawei Band 6 comes in 4 colours – Black, Green, Pink and Orange. Honor Band 6 comes in 3 colours – Black, Grey and Pink.

honor band 6

Health and Fitness Tracking

Both bands help track activity goals and document progress in a daily log that also shows the collected health data. Synchronization with Google Fit or Apple Health is still not possible. The Honor Band 6 has 10 professional sports modes and Huawei Band 6 has 96 different exercise modes.

Both fitness trackers support:

  • blood oxygen level monitoring (SpO2)
  • 24/7 heart-rate monitoring
  • sleep tracking
  • female cycle tracker

Activity Goals

Both wearables count steps throughout the day and estimate the distance covered even without having GPS. Neither can register the meters of altitude climbed, which other trackers include in the daily log as the number of floors climbed since they both lack a barometric sensor for measuring altitude.

Health Features

Huawei Band 6 – The band tracks real-time heart rate during workouts that come in handy to identify if you’re hitting your target heart rate zones. Workout results fare well from an accuracy standpoint. The only problem here is the smartphone pairing and app sync process, which can be slow and fiddly. The Huawei Band 6 can take a few tries before it pairs with your phone and firmware updates or pending data syncs can take several minutes, which is frustrating.

huawei band 6

Other notable features include breathing exercises, stress monitoring and all-day SpO2 monitoring that gauges your body’s overall conditioning and can help point to potential problems down the road. There’s also sleep tracking on board that works great and data is displayed in detail on the companion app.

Honor Band 6 – Continuous heart rate monitoring is available, driven by Huawei’s TruSeen 4.0 sensor, and for the most part is fairly accurate, giving results in line with other trackers. Sleep tracking is also automatic, charting your deep, light, and REM sleep windows throughout the night, and giving you an overall score out of 100 every morning. In addition to heart rate you can measure your blood oxygen level (SpO2). This is manually activated, rather than continuous, and a reading takes 30 seconds. There’s also the familiar option to enable automatic workout detection.

Workout Tracking

The main difference for athletes is already visible on the packaging: Huawei advertises its fitness tracker with 96 workout modes, while Honor only offers 10. When opening the workout app, the selection of walking, running, cycling, both indoors and outdoors, cross-training, rowing machine, swimming, and freestyle workout seems to be identical at first. The difference is the plus button at the end of Huawei’s list, which can be used to add more sports.

Battery Life

Both wearables claim that the battery will last up to up to 14 days on a single charge in typical usage scenarios and up to 10 days in heavy usage scenarios. Thanks to magnetic fast charging it takes about 65 minutes to fully charge their 180 mAh battery.


Both of the bands have a good price considering their features. The Huawei Band 6 is a little bit more expensive than the Honor Band 6. People who want to have more features will pay this extra money but in our opinion Honor Band 6 is a good option for those who will appreciate the basic features and the nice design of the smartwatch.


Model typeHuawei Band 6Honor Band 6
Touch ScreenYes
Yes, Capacitive Touchscreen
Screen Resolution194 x 368 pixels194 x 368 pixels
Water ResistantYesYes
SensorsAccelerometer, GyroAccelerometer
Battery14 days14 days
Dimensions43 x 25.4 x 10.99 mm43 x 17.2 x 11.5 mm
Weight 25 grams22.7 grams

To sum up, whichever you choose, you won’t go wrong. Both are great fitness trackers with many features.

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