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Colmi Smartwatches

A brand with lots of potential. We are bringing the COLMI intelligent, sports, health, and fashion concept to our customers, letting them live healthier and better life! Colmi smartwatches are very popular among people thanks to their design, features and most importantly price. You have probably noticed one of our best-selling models, the Colmi P8 which has been our bestseller for several years. But what about the other new models? Have you checked those out? If not, do not stop and continue reading to get to know them better. Who knows? Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a newer one.

First of all, let us tell you a few words about the brand Colmi which brings us perfect smartwatches.

About the Colmi

The brand was established in 2012. Colmi is a high-tech enterprise focused on developing and manufacturing qualified Smart Watches with more than 8 years of experience. 

COLMI is a young and energetic team, the generation born in the 1980s and 1990s has become the main force. They are committed to better service to customers and improving customer satisfaction. Bring COLMI intelligent, sports, health, and fashion concepts to their customers, and let them live healthier and better life!

In our shop, you can find several models of Colmi Smartwatches.

Colmi P15

We are bringing you a new intelligently crafted smartwatch that will make your life even more convenient – Colmi P15 SmartWatch. Enjoy beautiful vibrant colours in ultra-thin and lightweight display ensuring easy readability. Super handy in your everyday life, and available in four beautiful colours – Pink, Grey, Black or Turquoise.

General Features

You can enjoy strong and integrated vision with an ultra-high screen-to-body ratio and a clear display with vivid colours ensuring smooth readability. You can choose your favourite dial to suit your style, mood or outfit. Simply Personalise your smartwatch to your liking.

Health & Fitness

Check your blood pressure, blood oxygen or heart rate simply by the touch of one button. Improve your sleeping habits by tracking your deep and light sleep. A good night’s sleep will make your life more comfortable.

This is your 24/7 personal assistant. Track your sports, check your heart rate and other health aspects, track your steps on a daily basis, never miss a notification or a message, take remote photos, control your music or track your sleep.

Independent exercise mode and real-time heart rate detection during exercise, intelligent science will lead you to explore a healthier life.

Colmi P9

Colmi P9 is a new model that is more user-friendly and also can bring more fun to work and life. It has a nice alloy watch cover in 3 colours Black, Rose Gold and Rose Pink, a responsive display and health-related features. This model is bringing something exciting! A game mode! Which is super fun for both adults and children. It also has a new great practical function – a calculator! It also has Exercise mode, so if you are a gym lover, this is watch is for you.

colmi p9

General Features

Colmi P9 smartwatches use the newest Nordic NRF52832 chip that brings a new interactive environment, games, a calculator and a custom dial. These fitness trackers are compatible with iOS 8.0 or above, Android 4.4 or above, and Bluetooth 4.0 or above.

You can edit your dial from your mobile phone and use a real-time photo. Its 4 grid display operation allows you to just swipe and get instant access to your workouts, calculator or alarm. It can provide excellent image quality and visual experience, and the screen will wake up when you raise your wrist, and it will darken when put down.

Stay connected with the Colmi P9 smartwatch, to not miss any important messages plus look super fashionable while doing so. This model will make your life easier with its practical features like the calculator or the music play mode.

After connecting the app, you can control the music playback of the mobile phone and select the songs before and after. Experience the fun or relaxing moments brought to you by music! Exercise and your workouts will never be boring again with this feature.

Read your messages from WhatsApp, Messenger or other similar apps on your watch. Even during your daily exercise, do not miss out on an important message! It will also remind you to move and drink water or it can help you to find your phone!

In daily use scenarios (without multi-sport mode enabled) the battery life can be up to 7 days. In some everyday cases, battery life can be up to 10 days. Also dependent on the brightness levels.

Health & Fitness

The lower-power precision heart rate sensor reads heart rate changes through an optical algorithm. Real-time blood pressure measurement, keep track of the oxygen concentration in the blood. The Colmi P9 smartwatches also have an incorporated intelligent sleep algorithm. You can also check your sleep quality, to keep good sleeping habits!

Tracking your workouts and exercise has never been easier and never looked so good! The Colmi P9 smartwatch supports sports modes like walking, running, hiking, exercise, riding and more to keep you up to speed. Record daily data such as steps, distance and calorie consumption. The fitness tracker can be connected to your phone’s GPS to provide real-time steps, distances, and routes.

Colmi Plus

You no longer have to choose between smart and fashionable watches. The COLMI PLUS smartwatch allows you to be stylish while offering all the smart features you will ever need. The beautifully crafted smartwatch with 1.7-inch IPS HD full-colour display is a big brother of the P8 watch, high contrast colours bring superior HD quality while still being water-resistant.

colmi plus

General Features

Clear high contrast HD display with innovative technology. The rotation button lets you zoom in or out depending on your needs. Enjoy dynamic colour full-touch screen with the COLMI PLUS Smartwatches.

You won’t miss a call or important message with the COLMI PLUS smartwatch. The perfect companion to your everyday life and stylish. You can read your message or decline a call if needed.

Use your new smartwatch for up to 20 days with low battery consumption. With daily usage, you can rely on your smartwatch for 5-7 days.

Health & Fitness

The built-in optical heart rate sensor, combined with an intelligent heart rate algorithm, pays attention to your heart rate all day long.

Track your sleep to find out your sleep quality, so you can do adjustments and fix your sleeping pattern and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Get some movement in with the various sports modes such as hiking, running, and cycling. Understand the data on how you exercise so you can improve your technique. Shows professional exercise data such as accurate records of mileage, steps and calories for you to analyse.

Colmi T9

Colmi T9 watch is a smartwatch that tracks body temperature! It was developed during the crisis when there was a huge demand for thermometers. Clever engineers have come up with real-time measurement of body temperature built-in smartwatch that looks good and has all features that any other watch would have.

colmi T9

General Features

A slim body, HD screen and custom dial allow you to use this watch for every occasion. Simply change the strap or dial and get that feeling of having a new watch. It is also waterproof, so do not worry when it’s rainy outside! TPU strap is comfortable and breathable. No matter the workmanship or appearance, the overall exquisiteness will definitely make you addicted.

You can see incoming calls, text messages, Facebook, or WhatsApp when the watch vibrates synchronously. Just raise your hand and read the message!

The battery is 160mAh and will last up to 5 days. The watch has also optimised energy-saving cells to decrease energy consumption.

Health & Fitness

24/7 body temperature measurement is a very quick and convenient method. Measuring body temperature has never been easier.

2020 sensor will make sure you get more accurate heart rate monitoring, blood pressure and blood oxygen to improve overall health. You can also judge and record the state of deep sleep, light sleep and awake to better understand the quality of your sleep.

The Colmi T9 Smartwatches have various sports modes and the app will help you to analyse your data and perform better.

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