The world’s first CHATGPT-Empowered watch face

Amazfit, a well-known brand of smart wearables with a global following that is owned by the health technology company Zepp Health, has revealed the creation of the world’s first watch face created using the ChatGPT AI tool.

Amazfit can now code its watch faces for Zepp OS, a self-developed operating system for its smartwatches, to use ChatGPT. This ChatGPT-empowered watch face displays human-AI interaction as well as the health and fitness information that users care about the most.

amazfit chatgpt-empowered watch face

Amazfit, which was introduced in 2015, is now loved by millions of people. More than 90 nations in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions can purchase its products. Amazfit offers several series of smartwatches and bands from daily to outdoor sports use, as well as other smart hardware related to sports and health. Amazfit maximizes its ability to satisfy the different needs of different consumer groups.

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