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Black Friday Sale 2023 Smartwatch for Less

This year, just like the last, we’re gearing up for the most colossal smartwatch sale ever as we approach Black Friday 2023. Mark your calendars for November 24th, however, we are starting our biggest sale of the year much earlier! Don’t wait—start seizing spectacular deals at Smartwatch for Less right now!

This is your golden opportunity to snag Christmas presents for your loved ones or treat yourself without emptying your wallet. However, be quick, as our stock is limited, and the smartwatches you desire may fly off the shelves.

Whether you’re looking to trade up from an older model or eager to delve into the world of wearable devices, set your sights on this year’s Black Friday smartwatch deals. The shopping extravaganza is on the horizon, so start gearing up to make the most of these Black Friday offers.

Remember to bookmark this page because we’ll be continually updating it as Black Friday approaches. We’ll also be spotlighting top-notch smartwatch bargains as they become available, ensuring you walk away from this holiday season with the perfect wearable adorning your wrist.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday, known colloquially as the day following Thanksgiving in the United States, is synonymous with heavily advertised sales and early store openings, sometimes even on Thanksgiving Day itself. Historically, Black Friday has consistently ranked as the year’s busiest shopping day, and this year with Smartwatch For Less, it’s no different.

We’ve meticulously curated unbeatable bundles and offers at unbeatable prices just for you this year. Let’s dive right in!

Exciting news for Black Friday 2023!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re expanding our product range to offer more than just smartwatches. In addition to our cutting-edge smartwatches, we now proudly introduce a selection of high-quality wireless chargers and earphones. Whether you’re looking to power up your devices effortlessly or enjoy a seamless audio experience, our new offerings have you covered. Stay tuned for incredible Black Friday deals on these versatile accessories that will enhance your tech-savvy lifestyle. Don’t miss out on the chance to grab these fantastic additions to our product lineup at unbeatable prices during our Black Friday sale!

Check out our best-selling products of this year

colmi plus smartwatches

Colmi Plus

The COLMI PLUS smartwatch seamlessly combines style and functionality. With a 1.7-inch IPS HD full-colour display, it delivers stunning visuals and is water-resistant (although not suitable for swimming or showering). The innovative rotation button enhances the user experience. It boasts 24-hour heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Receive real-time notifications, ensuring you never miss an important call or message. The smartwatch supports various sports modes, offering valuable exercise data. Remarkably, it provides a long-lasting battery life, lasting up to 20 days with minimal power consumption or 5-7 days with daily usage. The COLMI PLUS is your ideal companion for both fashion and smart features.

colmi p45

Colmi P45

Introducing the Colmi P45 smartwatch, a feature-packed wearable designed to enhance your daily life. This fitness tracker boasts a 1.8″ borderless screen with a convenient rotation button, providing a seamless user experience. Activate the AI Voice Assistant with a single tap for quick access to information, calls, and music playback. It offers continuous heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, ensuring you stay informed about your health. Make calls directly from your wrist, and never miss important notifications. With 120 sports modes and detailed fitness tracking, it’s your ultimate personal coach. Sleep tracking and IP67 water resistance add to its appeal, making it a versatile and stylish companion for everyday use.

tebarra p22

Tebarra P22

The TEBARRA P22 smartwatch is an affordable yet feature-packed device. Its standout feature is the Bluetooth call capability, allowing you to make calls directly from your wrist. With 28 sports modes, it’s not just a personal assistant but also your fitness trainer. The built-in speaker enables uninterrupted phone calls, and real-time health monitoring covers steps, calories, heart rate, and sleep. The 1.7-inch square full-colour HD screen enhances the visual experience, and its IP67 water resistance ensures daily wear in any weather. Plus, with the DaFit app, you can receive social media notifications, making it a versatile and convenient companion.

Smart Wireless Desk Alarm Clock Charger with LED Light

Smart Wireless Desk Alarm Clock Charger with LED Light

The Wireless Alarm Clock iPhone charger is a versatile device designed to simplify your life. It offers wireless charging, a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and customizable colour options. With fast 15W wireless charging, it powers your iPhone without cords. The dimmable atmosphere light features 10 colour modes, and the app allows for 256 modes and 16 million colours. You can create a personalized wake-up routine by adjusting noise, volume, and light settings. The 15W wireless charger is compatible with Qi-certified devices. This multi-functional device is perfect for charging, playing music, and setting a calming wake-up routine, enhancing your daily experience.

army series

Army Series

The ARMY Series smartwatch is a military-grade, ultra-durable, and waterproof timepiece designed to thrive in the harshest conditions. Having passed 15 rigorous military-grade tests, it’s a rugged companion with 70°C heat resistance, -40°C cold resistance, shock resistance, and 50-meter water resistance. Its 1.7-inch high-resolution full-touch colour screen ensures vital information is never missed. With 24 sports modes, it’s suitable for extreme athletes and fitness enthusiasts, tracking steps, distance, calories, and active minutes. Remarkably, it offers up to 15 days of battery life and comprehensive health features like heart rate, blood pressure, sleep quality, and SpO2 monitoring. It is ideal for outdoor adventures and sports enthusiasts.

ID2 Smartwatch

The ID2 smartwatch is a versatile and gender-neutral device packed with features to enhance daily life. It supports Bluetooth calling and integrates Alexa for hands-free control of music and weather updates. Health monitoring includes blood oxygen, heart rate, and sleep tracking, along with women’s menstrual cycle reminders. With 60 sports modes and an IP67 waterproof rating, it suits fitness enthusiasts for various activities. The 1.7″ HD touchscreen offers customization with a wide range of watch faces. It boasts a long-lasting battery and additional features like noise monitoring and weather forecasts make it a practical choice. Compatible with smartphones, it’s a comprehensive wearable solution.

cheap earphones

Mibro Earbuds 3

The Mibro Earbuds 3 deliver a premium wireless audio experience, featuring Bluetooth 5.3 for seamless compatibility and stable connectivity. These earbuds boast a comfortable, ergonomic design that fits securely in the ear for extended use, with touch controls for easy music and call management. With up to 5 hours of playtime on a single charge and an additional 25 hours via the charging case, they’re perfect for on-the-go listening. The transparent crystal design adds a touch of elegance, while the digital power display is both stylish and practical. Enjoy professional-grade sound with a high-quality graphene composite driver and noise cancellation for clear calls. These earbuds redefine your listening experience with a sleek and innovative design.

Newest models

Smartwatches redefine convenience in our daily lives. Gone are the days of fumbling through bags or backpacks to locate your ringing phone; now, a simple tap on your wrist allows you to answer calls. For those leading an active lifestyle, these wrist companions let you stay connected while running or hiking, eliminating the risk of dropping your phone during motion. Some models double as music players, seamlessly syncing with Bluetooth headphones. Additionally, they offer health features like step counters and heart rate monitors, eliminating the need for a separate fitness tracker.

Sophisticated, albeit pricier, variants go further, offering features like fall detection, voice-activated web searches, GPS tracking, and control over smart home devices like doorbells and thermostats. Some even facilitate contactless payments, allowing you to leave your wallet behind for transactions under £30 in the UK.

While smartwatches won’t replace your smartphone for Netflix binges, they provide easy access to numerous smartphone functions. Many models support app installation, tailoring the watch’s capabilities to your specific needs. Gone are the days of clunky, geeky designs; today’s smartwatches offer customizable faces, interchangeable straps, and stylish cases to suit the fashion-conscious.

Get ready for this year’s Black Friday 2023 at Smartwatch for Less!

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