Best Smartwatches For Christmas 2022

Best Smartwatches For Christmas 2022

Christmas is just around the corner and you are wondering what you should give to your partner, mom, dad or kids? What about a smartwatch? At Smartwatch For Less, you can find the best smartwatches for Christmas 2022. Choose from women’s, and men’s to kids’ smartwatches, fitness trackers, accessories and more.

A smartwatch can be a great companion in your daily life and it makes an excellent Christmas gift for your loved ones. This list will help you choose the perfect model. As we know, classic watches are very popular to be gifted for Christmas as they are considered to be luxury items – it is not exactly a necessity in your life. But smartwatches are no exception too! They are a perfect gift for everyone thanks to their smart features and functions! This makes them an excellent Christmas gift and it will be a true surprise.

Best Smartwatches For Christmas 2022

We have put together a list of some smartwatches to gift this Christmas and split it into three sections:

  • Smartwatches for women
  • Smartwatches for men
  • Smartwatches for kids

Women’s Smartwatches

Luxe Slim Bracelets

Smart yet elegant, that is the Luxe Slim Bracelet designed specifically for women. A beautiful stainless steel slim bracelet to match your every outfit while making your life much more convenient with all its features. Luxe Slim Bracelet features a beautiful HD touch screenhealth trackingfitness tracking and much more.

  • Compatible with Android/iPhone (iOS)
  • Luxurious Design
  • Fitness Tracking
  • Health Tracking
  • In two colours

Colmi Plus

You no longer have to choose between smart and fashionable watch. The COLMI PLUS smartwatch allows you to be stylish while offering all the smart features you will ever need. The beautifully crafted smartwatch with 1.7-inch IPS HD full-colour display is a big brother of the P8 watch, high contrast colours bring superior HD quality while still being water-resistant.

  • Compatible with Android/iPhone (iOS)
  • Water Resistant IP67
  • 8 Workout Modes
  • In 5 colours
women's smartwatches

Men’s Smartwatches

Army Series Smartwatch

The ARMY Series smartwatch is a military-gradehighly durable and waterproof smartwatch for the most extreme environment. Having passed 15 military-grade tests, the watch can battle through extreme environments. Witness endurance that braves the elements with 70-degree heat resistance, -40 degree cold resistance, shock resistance and 50-metre water resistance – this smartwatch is durable as a tank.

  • Passed 15 military-grade tests
  • The toughness from the inside out 
  • 24 sports modes
  • Battery Life up to 15 days
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone

Colmi P45 Smartwatch

Meet the new Colmi P45 smartwatch. Loaded with functions, such as Bluetooth CallAI Voice Assistant120 workout modes and so much more. You can also admire the exquisite craftsmanship of this fitness tracker along with the easy-to-use rotation button.

  • Compatible with Android/iPhone (iOS)
  • Water Resistant IP67
  • 120+ Workout Modes
  • Bluetooth Call Feature
  • Voice Assistant
men's smartwatches 2022

Kids Smartwatches

SFL 4G Series 2

Stay in contact with your little ones and always know where they are. The SFL 4G Series 2 smartwatch for kids not only looks cute but is loaded with many safety features. With built-in GPScameramicrophoneSOS button and more.

  • Focus on your kid’s security
  • SOS Calling
  • 4G Video & Phone Call

SFL Roundz 4G Kids

Are you constantly worried about your little one? This new SFL Roundz 4G Kids Watch can help you ease your mind. It will allow you to call your child at any time, you can see where they are thanks to its GPS positioning, can exchange messages and so much more! The safety of your child has never looked so good.

  • Video Calling
  • SOS Calling
  • Real-time Location by GPS
  • Everything under control
Best Smartwatches For Christmas 2022

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