best smartwatch for men

Best Budget Smartwatches for Men 2022

What is the best smartwatch for men?

Innovation. Iteration. Hyper-personalization. These words describe the continued advancement of smartwatch tech offerings. We’ve come a long way from the original humble fitness tracker. Who knew it would soon be possible to send and receive calls right from a GPS-enabled, 32GB supercomputer strapped on your wrist? Well, here we are. Which model is the best smartwatch for men?

If you’re looking to buy a new smartwatch, there’s a lot to take into account. No matter your choice of smartwatch, there are certain specs that are must-haves for the best smartwatches for men: seamless cell compatibility, tech-forward solutions under the hood, design aesthetic, and long-lasting battery life.

When considering your options, take the time to determine which smartwatch will work for you and what functions. Consider which smartwatches are compatible with iOS and which are compatible with Android phones. While the Apple Watch will only work with iOS, other smartwatches may be compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Note that while a smartwatch that isn’t an Apple Watch may be compatible with your Apple device, this won’t necessarily guarantee a seamless software experience.

It is also essential to consider how smartwatch favourites measure up against fitness, task, and everyday activities. At a base level, look for heart rate, fitness, and sleep monitors. Training for a triathlon? Select smartwatches that include built-in workouts and fitness coaching to deliver an enhanced smart experience.

Browse our latest generation of Men’s smartwatches and fitness trackers featuring the most advanced, stylish, hi-tech designs. With a variety of sports modes, heart rate, blood pressure monitoring functions and long battery life, you can accurately monitor your health status.

To help you weigh your options, check out some of the best smartwatches for men to save some money now.

best smartwatch for men

Why is Zeblaze Stratos the best budget watch?

The NEW Flagship PREMIUM MULTISPORT GPS SMARTWATCH – that is the Zeblaze STRATOS. You run, it thinks! This smartwatch is designed for every environment with its new and improved functions. Built-in multiple sensors to provide the best accuracy, made from Carbon Fibre and 3 GPS modes. This model also does not miss out on any of the health features, step counter, calorie counter and much more. This smartwatch has it ALL!

Premium feature – GPS On Zeblaze Stratos

Unlike other budget smartwatches, the Zeblaze Stratos has a built-in high-precision GPS receiver that allows you to track outdoor activities such as distance travelled, routes you take, and your location with accurate coordinates with the help of 4 different GPS systems – GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/BEIDOU. The watch will automatically combine two high-precision satellites, thus it can improve the positioning speed and tracking accuracy while running.

Zeblaze Stratos Smartwatch offers a decent battery life that is considered good in this category with a capacity of 580mAh, which gives you up to 14 days of normal use with continuous heart rate tracking, and 25 days in standby mode. When using GPS modes you get up to 40 hours, it all depends on the type of activities you do, and it must be charged with a Dock Charger and it takes about 2.5 hours.


How about a watch with a Bluetooth call?

The GEN6 is a powerful smartwatch that now offers a Bluetooth Call function. It has a better and more stable Dual Bluetooth Connection 5.0 with power-saving capabilities. A very modern user interface will make you feel like having an expensive watch.

Great watch if you live busy lifestyle and you need to make calls via your watch.

Do you prefer bands and NFC function?

If you prefer smaller and more compact devices, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is made for you. It has so many sport modes and it is very accurate. Now comes in 9 colours and you can also upgrade to NFC version. Smartwatch For Less is the first company in the UK with this NFC version of Xiaomi Mi Band 6.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 – One step ahead. Smartwatch for Less is proud to be bringing, as one of the first in the UK, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 to the market. Are you ready for this new innovative version of Mi Band from the no.1 wearable band brand in the world?

Other Smart Watches for Men 

A10 Pro

New and improved version of our very popular A10 Smartwatch. You will get extra storage for your favourite music, an improved heart rate sensor, blood oxygen monitor, professional sport modes, sleep monitoring and long battery life. It comes in 2 nice colours and with a very comfortable strap.


For the athlete you are. The A11 Athlete Series is bringing you features that we have never seen before in this store. You can now make your life even easier with Siri Voice Assistant, listening to music straight from the smartwatch or making calls on the go.

Colmi P10

Retro style has always been trendy and the Colmi P10 speaks for itself! However, its retro design should not fool you. This model is packed with innovative technology, 13 workout modes, a 1.3-inch full touch screen and many other fun features.

So, which model do you think is the best smartwatch for men?

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